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There comes a time


in the life of 


every business owner 


where lines become




 between love and sales!



Even though with one of these, you fall into it, and the other you never want to have fall at all, there are endless similarities. Just consider a few musical messages when you substitute one for the other:

Put A Little Sales In Your Heart . . . Sales Make The World Go ‘Round . . . All You Need Is Sales . . . Sales Is A Many Splendored Thing . . . Silly Sales Songs . . . Sales And Marriage . . .  They Call It: Puppy Sales . . . Sales, Sales Me Do . . . Makin’ Sales In The Afternoon With Cecilia . . . Sales Are In The Air . . . Sales Are But A Little Boat Upon The Sea . . . Sales, Sales, Sales . . . When A Man Sales A Woman . . . What’s Sales Got To Do With It? . . . Sales Will Keep Us Together . . . Feel Like Makin’ Sales . . . To Sir With Sales . . . Give Me Sales . . . Stop, In The Name Of Sales . . . Chapel Of Sales . . . Game Of Sales . . . A World Without Sales . . .  Sales Letters In The Sand . . . Takin’ A Chance On Sales . . . You’ve Lost That Salesin’ Feeling . . . Will You Still Sales Me Tomorrow . . . Sales Me Tender . . . Can’t Buy Me Sales . . . Sales Will Keep Us Together . . . You Get The Best Of My Sales . . . April Sales . . . Young Sales . . .  

If you’re here looking for a great list of love songs

with “love” in the title, I don’t want to disappoint you:




Ah, but –fun aside for a moment, there are a couple of really huge “Lovin’ Sales” problems to consider:

1)  If someone who holds control over you or your business –like the government or a major customer, investor, supplier, or partner– hasn’t a clue about real entrepreneurship, and what it’s like to love your work, you’ve got troubles. 

These are people and entities who need to see your work as a committed relationship — in much the same way you might offer up testimony as part of a business plan and budget to impress lenders. I mean, I did once have an accountant who lectured me that my business was a legal entity that needed to be thought of as a separate person.

(That assertion of course simply reinforced my conviction that accountants lacked human feelings, and made me think that maybe my business was the one person in my family who was not dysfunctional! Kidding ;<) er, almost.) 

The point is that if those with control don’t appreciate your relationship with your business, you are losing sales you deserve to make, and income you need to grow.

2)  If you’re not 100% tuned-in to the reality that without sales, there is no business, you are living in fantasyland! In other words, your business cannot survive and thrive if you keep it locked in orbit around your great business idea at the expense of a monumental sales effort on your behalf. This is 2011. This economy will not tolerate you sitting.

(The alternative of course could simply be to apply to your state DOT or local roads department for cone placement training — security, benefits and no brain use!)

If you’re staying in the game, you need to devote more time and energy to selling than you have been. Nobody else can sell your business as well as you. It’s your baby. It’s your DNA. You feed, finance, insure, staff, and nurture it. Now get out and sell it. If you make 3 calls a day, make 10. If you make 10, make 20. Whatever it takes.  

If you’re not lovin’ your sales every day, no one’s going to be lovin’ to buy what you have to sell. Period. 



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