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We humans are “suckers”!


No? Well, here’s


what we buy:


  •  Good-looking women

  • Good-looking men

  • Good-looking children

  • Cute babies

  • Especially ugly men, women, children, and babies

  • Puppies (any kind)

  • Red,white, and blue (still the top colors in America!)

  • Repetition of messages, including colors, designs, images, and fonts

  • Love stories

  • The promise of love, suggestive or otherwise

  • The promise of sex, suggestive or otherwise

  • Music (all kinds – there’s something for everyone)

  • The promise of svelteness, muscles, physical strength

  • The emotionally-satisfying images associated with brand names

  • Taste

  • Smell

  • Softness

  •  Ruggedness

  • Good feelings

  • Happiness

  • The promise of happiness

  • Wealth

  • The promise of wealth

  • Security

  • The promise of security

  • Relaxation

  • Discovery

  • Endorsements (especially from celebrities, and “regular” people

  • Opportunity

  • Time savings, speed, access

  • Responsibility

  • Praise

  • Convenience

  • Sports and entertainment

  • Food and beverages

  • Preservation of resources

  • Health and the promise of health (physical, mental, emotional)

Do you see anything here that looks like logic? Rationality? Objectivity? Product and service features? Warranties? Guarantees? Reasoned sensibility?

Of course not! UN-emotional, logical, rational types of appeals are only used by buyers to JUSTIFY their purchases!

All purchase decisions (even those that appear on the surface to be rational ones are emotionally-triggered. Because people buy benefits!

And nothing on Earth has proven ability to trigger emotions as effectively as words. Because good sales words keep it simple! Because words explain benefits!

How much attention does your business pay to the words it uses? How much do the words you use answer the question every consumer has:

“What’s in it for me?”  


Is your branding message as concise, meaningful, and emotionally-triggering as it can be. Does it emphasize benefits instead of features?

Does it attract attention, create interest, stimulate desire, bring about action, provide satisfaction?

And does it do all that in seven words or less?

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