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“So you work from home, huh?”


Hey, it’s not everyone who can flap around the house

–or up and down the stairs– in her or his bathrobe

all day, and call that work… and get paid for it!



First of all, congratulations for getting yourself out of mainstream corporate and incompetent government arenas, for putting yourself in a work environment that you control, and presumably enjoy more than some sterile cubicle or make-believe “dress up” conference room.

Yes, I know, I know, there are some great exceptions. I work with a few. (And they ARE exceptions!) The point is that you are clearly a cut above average intelligence (and hopefully below average stress) level to be functioning out of your basement, attic, bedroom, garage, kitchen, bathroom, porch, closet, pantry, workshop, shed, or tree house.

But now that you’ve made your bed, laying down there can be unnerving, right?

You keep getting up and walking around; you drive to the convenience store for social stimulation; you bring home stray dogs and cats for company.

You get bleary-eyed staring at the computer screen and keep taking munchie breaks.

Uh, oh. A new bathrobe belt?


Your family admires your independence. Your friends are jealous. Your in-laws think you’re a waste of a good loyal corporate sheep or lemming. But you like the freedom and you’re making a go of it. It’s just not quite working out the way you think it’s should. It’s the missing money in your pocket thing? Ah yes, sore spot! Pockets usually are.

So how do you get from where you are to where you want to be without having to give up your new-found entrepreneurial freedom? It’s called step back and revitalize your sense of self-discipline. Stepping back is easy. Seeing yourself in a revitalization mode is also fairly simple. Both of course are choices. Now comes the challenge.

Self-discipline. Maybe you have to trick yourself. Maybe you have to figure out some way to make it all a game. You know about the mice on the treadmill deal, and Pavlov’s dogs. And you’ve even watched the American Kennel Club finals on TV, so you know all about the perform/reward stuff. Well? Okay you’re not a mouse or a dog, but . . .

There’s something to be said for challenging and rewarding yourself.

Get this next task done and you can have a chocolate chip cookie.

When you’ve made the next three calls on your list, treat yourself to a fresh air walk around the block (uh, depending on where you live, you might want to change out of your bathrobe?) 


Try it! What’s to lose? It’s a little hard for most non-contortionists to pat themselves on the back, but surely you can figure out some reward system that will motivate you and not result in you no longer fitting your bathrobe. Instead of doing tasks of avoidance, try doing tasks of reward for NOT avoiding.

The whole thing, be reminded, is your choice. If you want to choose to over-stress yourself, be my guest. If you seek instead to choose success and make money, choose to keep trying every technique that comes along until you find one that works for you . . . one that makes your home-based business pay for itself, and give you cause to celebrate!


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“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!” [Thomas Jefferson]

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