$tep it up with creditor$! $tart communicating!

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Talk out busine$$ obligation$.


Creditors chase excuses-filled 


non-communicators hardest!


     Yes, these are hard times.

And maybe you’ve let some payments slide.


Perhaps the warning notices have been turned over to a collection agency, and next will be the lawyers, and then –in spite of all the delay tactics of ignoring mailings and not taking collection calls– you lose!

How do I know? I’ve been on both sides of it a few times in my life. So, from practical, hard-nosed experience: most reputable creditors will generally treat you respectfully if you treat them respectfully.

By NOT hiding, cowering, and making excuses, by facing up to your obligations and taking the initiative to communicate and trying to work things out, you, as a debtor, will ALWAYS get treated better.


You are also more likely than not to be given leniency simply because you picked up the phone to present your situation truthfully. Sooner is always better than later, but It’s never too late to try.

Steer yourself clear of ever discussing other debts and/or other payback arrangements. No one wants to hear that you’ve dealt with some other bill collector before facing her or his company’s music. But be as straightforward as possible in owning up to and acknowledging the obligation in question.

No need to feel awkward, embarrassed, inferior, intimidated, or bloody-knuckled.

In business, everyone owes something to some one.


If it’s been making you crazy, stop yourself in your tracks, take some deep breaths, and take the initiative to establish contact with the creditor.

Call. Ask to speak with the supervisor of the person who you end up with, regardless of whether it’s a “Customer Service” rep or a VP. Get as far up the ladder as you can.

Explain your circumstances the way you would like a problem-paying customer/client/patient of yours to do. Wouldn’t you really rather have a person or business that owes you money take the lead and call you to (briefly) explain the circumstances and offer some kind of payment plan –even if it’s ridiculously low– instead of hide in the shadows and not return your calls?



Don’t make payment problems bigger for your creditor than you would want debtors to make for you. The consequences of not working hard at communicating with those you owe are not worth it.

You are NOT going to win the lottery. Stop dreaming! You are NOT going to make that gargantuan sale you’ve been hoping for, for two years. You are NOT going to inherit millions from your estranged father-in-law. NOT.

Tell it like it is. Pick up the phone and –if it’s local– ask for a meeting. If it’s long-distance, ask for someone who can help you negotiate a payback arrangement you can afford. And do NOT try to use emails to negotiate.

Be sincere. Be truthful. If you are both of these things, you need not feel like you are approaching the issue “hat in hand” so to speak. There’s a time and place for humility, and a time and place for straightforwardness. This is the latter!

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