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TO: The Presidents of America’s


       30 Million Small Businesses


FR: Hal, on Behalf of Your  


        Families, Friends and


        Loyal Employees


RE: Happy Presidents Day!



Dear Small Business President:


Presidents Day is your day too

 Lincoln, Washington, and YOU!


Your finger may not be poised at some war and peace hot button, but you are just as important to your customers, clients, and patients as you are to the partners, employees, vendors, referrers, investors and lenders who serve you. Whew! There’s a brainful of thought.

Now layer on top of that, your importance to your family, friends, and loved ones. Obligations, emotions, responsibilities, and headaches galore! (Maybe where the title, Pride and Punishment came from?)


Yet you run FULL AHEAD, battling the storms at sea, and always with your business strapped to your back. It’s no wonder people think you’re crazy! Ah, but you’re still there. You have consistently seen problems as opportunities. You have exercised leadership by example. And you’re still captaining your ship.


That alone is cause for celebration… so 

take some Presidents Day time to party!


In fact, odds are pretty good that you’ve already outlived (or surely will) the terms of any elected American President. And though it’s hard to imagine upstaging the likes of Teddy Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan, odds are also pretty good that you’ve probably outperformed them all as well.


Well, you might say, almost all of them were both caught up with and bogged down in partisan politics. But, hey, you’ve had your in-laws to deal with, and probably your fill of rambunctious txtmsging teenagers, not to mention the dysfunctional families we all have standing in the wings.


So like the old hamburger slogan,

“You Deserve A Break Today!”


Take some time out to appreciate your SELF and what you’ve been able to accomplish. (I mean, you have stayed out of jail so far, right?) Your business is still functioning even though our government is not, and big business just pretends to be. Somehow or another, you have stayed the course, and kept on ticking.


Give yourself a pat on the back!


Call the president of another small business you know, and wish her or him Happy Presidents Day. You may even strike up a collaborative relationship discussion. Y’never know!


Oh, most important of all . . . tell your family you love them for giving you the chance to run your own business, and call a couple of friends you’ve not kept up with to thank them for their patience and understanding about you being so preoccupied so often. Guaranteed you’ll be glad you did.


Then, get back to work!


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