Defeating Depression

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Consciously or unconsciously,


every entrepreneur somehow


chooses to fold him or herself


into a depression sandwich…



Then what? Withdrawal? Repressed anger? Heart attack? Stroke? Suicide? Not much of a payoff for being depressed, is it?

So what’s a poor, struggling, depressed entrepreneur to do? My suggestion? Take a page from my favorite “go to” book, BORN TO WIN by Muriel James and Dorothy Jongeward. It’s 40-years-old and as true to the moment as if it’d been written this morning.

[If you don’t have a copy within arms distance, you’re either a masochist and enjoy suffering, or you are the poster-girl or -boy for emotional stability and perfection. This book will help you grow, sell, communicate, love, forgive yourself, be inspired, and win.]


Whenever you make a move toward autonomy, old feelings and behaviors may remind you of how you “used to be.”

Being aware of how you feel, even if it doesn’t seem rational, gives you a chance to change.


Here’s a sample of some how-to suggestions the book offers us for first-hand, realistic dealing with depression. What have you got to lose for trying? You’re not going to be doing anything else important until you get yourself out of the funk you’re in anyway, right? So try this recipe (recommended to do in private, and out of others’ earshot!):


1. When the blues start, take a good look at yourself in the mirror.

  • Study your face carefully. What do you look like when you’re depressed?
  • Now look at your entire body. How are you holding your shoulders? Your hands? Your abdomen, etc.?
  • Do you resemble how your mother or father or some parent figure looks or used to look?

2. Now exaggerate your symptoms of depression.

  • First exaggerate your facial and body expressions.
  • If you tend to withdraw and sulk, curl up in a ball, cover up your head, stick out your lower lip, and sulk in a big way.
  • If you cry, get a few imaginary buckets, and fill them with imaginary tears.
  • Exaggerate any symptom you’re aware of.

3. Now become aware of how your body feels when depressed. 

  • If you feel uptight around your shoulders and neck, try to discover whether the tenseness is related to a specific person.
  • If it is, say softly, “Get off my back.” If this phrase “fits,” say it louder and louder, increasing your power until you are shouting.

4. Now ask yourself

5. Next, reverse your depression symptoms.

  • If your eyes look sad, your mouth droops down or something similar, reverse your expression.
  • If your head is hanging low and your shoulders are drooped, raise your head high and pull your shoulders back. Thrust your chest forward and say “I am not responsible for everything and everybody!” or “I’m OK.”

All five of these steps will be enhanced and even more productive for you if you toss in a sprinkling of deep breathing. You’re worried about appearing foolish? Imagine how foolish depression looks on your pleasant face and positive posture. Bottom Line? You’ve got nothing to lose, except depression. Have a great day!


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