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How loud or quiet are


your community relations?

LOUD (high profile) community relations development counts most for:

  • Educational and healthcare-based facilities and organizations (e.g., schools, hospitals, libraries, rehab centers)
  • Professional practices (especially doctors, dentists, therapists, lawyers, and accountants).
  • Retailers of every variety, size, and description (from restaurants to auto showrooms to department stores)
  • Real estate professionals and all affiliated services
  • Religious-based organizations
  • Consumer transportation and shipping businesses)

These entities and individuals need to make positive community involvement impressions because their business interests are community-involved in direct consumer ways. They can achieve this by designing PR programs that support those communities that support their business and professional interests.

It’s called “enlightened self-interest” and it’s a good thing.

It means “enlightened” as to the perceived needs of key communities, neighborhoods, and regions, and taking a leadership posture that will produce good deeds which will ultimately produce some return on the investments of time, money and energy.

This is not the same thing as opportunism.

There is no selfishness involved.

Enlightened self-interest simply means following the awareness that the more good a business can do for the communities it serves, the more that appreciation for those good works will surface, and the more return can be realized, which ultimately allows the business to channel and contribute even more.

It’s all about demonstrating a sense of charity and coming at it from a position of strength which, in turn, makes even more charity possible. It’s hard to give meaningfully from a position of weakness. There’s nothing at all wrong with doing that; it’s simply limiting.

QUIET (low profile) community relations development counts most for:

  • Manufacturers, fabricators, and distributors
  • Home improvement services
  • Online businesses
  • B to B services (except media)
  • Personal and family services (e.g., counseling, funeral homes, home care)
  • Industrial and professional transportation and shipping businesses

These types of businesses have less need for public exposure in the community relations efforts they undertake, but no less of a need to be actively involved.

Both LOUD and QUIET community relations serve important purposes for all involved.

They can be achieved by ongoing and consistent efforts of groups, teams and individuals engaged in activities that benefit the welfare of others through guidance and participation in events, programs, sponsorships, news releases, and public stances on community-benefit positions.

There is never any shortage of needs your business can provide. Set budgets and terms for participating with matching dollar donations . . . and/or contributions of cash awards, products, services, time, facilities, contacts, equipment, and leadership.

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  1. Dionon 11 Feb 2011 at 5:26 am

    Yeah! I agree with you. Helping a worthy cause is really a great thing. And now a days, the Internet has developed so much awareness of what’s out there that it’s helping raise donations. I am very glad about that; people should donate more often. – Dion

  2. Hal Alpiaron 11 Feb 2011 at 2:53 pm

    Thanks Dion. I appreciate your visit and comments. Please return again soon. Regards – Hal

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