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A stupid sign is a sign 


of a stupid business.



With thinner wallets being a sign of the times, and a business with no sign being a sign of no business, there is something to be said for what other kinds of signs seem to signify. Dirty and dingy may work for a hog farm, but not a restaurant. Slick and expensive might lead you into a bank lobby, but not a nonprofit charity center.

I recently saw a sign for an orthodontist that had broken uprights for over a year. It was big-time crooked. It was big-time duct-taped.

Hmmm, not so sure about my kids going there for braces on their teeth.

Not to be outdone, a few miles up the road, another broken sign, but this one was sistered up with scrap wood which was nailed to the broken section

…for a spine surgeon.  No thanks.


Even with all things being equal in terms of sign construction, illumination, materials and craftsmanship, it’s still just the frame for the message. So what’s the message? Right! Now you’re on target. Like a website or an ad, it’s the WORDS that sell.

Your Sign Checklist. Does it:

  • Attract Attention?

  • Create Interest?

  • Stimulate Desire?

  •  Bring About Action?

  • Deliver Satisfaction?

However it may do these things, it must do all of these things to be a great sign. 


For some, the message is clever. I saw this great sleuth-outfitted cartoon character on a truck today. The Sherlock-Holmes-plaid-hat-and-coat-looking guy held stuff like a magnifying glass, handsaw, marker, blueprint, and might have had a tape measure in his teeth…Take a guess???????

A genius business name:


Custom Kitchen Counter Installations.


For others, stupidity rules. A smart red, white, and blue sign GOIN’ POSTAL – Your Neighborhood Shipping Center (sporting small logos for Fed Ex, UPS, and USPS to the right of the name) was leaning against the building, having just been replaced by the same red, white, and blue color sign, but THIS one in bigger letters said GOIN’ POSTAL – Our Neighborhood Shipping Center (with no logos).

They took over the neighborhood? It used to be Your Neighborhood, you the customer. Now it’s Our Neighborhood, we the franchise. From customer-centric to self-centric (Oh sure, that’s a different way to sell these days).

To top it off, must be that the big-name logos had no value to justify keeping attached to them!

If you’re going to upgrade or repaint or revise or re-word your sign, don’t wing it! It is more important than you might think. Your sign is your business 24/7. It must communicate the exact right message in the exact right way. There’s no room for error.

This is not a task to leave up to the sign company; they are all about frames and appearances; they know nothing of words. When you want a true medical evaluation of your eyes, you go to an ophthalmologist (a medical doctor), not an optician who is all about frames and appearances.

Get yourself a professional marketing writer to come up with the exact right words. You’ll have to live with them for a long time. Get them right, right from the get go.

The best signs you ever saw never came from any sign business. Guaranteed. They came from professional marketing know-how and experience. How can you be sure? Because they work! 

Does yours?   


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