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Three kinds of business


   owners. Which one are you? 



Invested in keeping things unchanged. Filled with hope but no action. Many absentee owners fall under this umbrella. Those who do show up regularly, hide regularly from customers and employees.

A (in more ways than one) dying breed. Motto: “Don’t Make Waves.” You may not even still be in business with this economy, or you may be on the way out the door as we speak!



If you are a serious serial entrepreneur, a serious one-time entrepreneur, or a serious family inheritor of an entrepreneurial business, you are probably too busy to be reading this right now — yes, even on a Sunday (Happy Halloween!) night.

 Entrepreneurs act, take reasonable risks, resist authority, pump passion, ask questions, think they can’t sell but sell better than anyone, have a burning desire to make their ideas work, and are “on it” 24/7. Motto: “Do It Now!”



Those in this category account for the vast majority of business owners. Those who “flounder” (like the fish of the same name–and check your ocean fishing friends on this, but that, by the way, is no “fluke”!) flop around on the business beachfront. They create commotion, draw attention, get oohs and aahs.

Business owners in this group make a lot of flip-flop sounds, accumulate a great deal of sand, and occasionally snap their teeth. But –in reality– they get nowhere, and eventually become someone’s dinner.


Here’s a synopsis of what sparked tonight’s blog post. It’s a summary of a feature article from today’s Business Section of The Home News Tribune, which you might not know of unless you lived or worked in the Greater Brunswick/Central New Jersey area.

The story, by Staff Writer Jeff Weber, is entitled “AS THE EARTHWORM TURNS…Marlboro man takes all-natural drain cleaner to the top”. (Note: For those geographically-challenged, “Marlboro man”is not the tobacco icon, but a clever double entendre reference to an entrepreneur, Ricky Greer, from the nearby town of Marlboro, NJ!)

Ricky Greer founded and launched the EARTHWORM “All-Natural Cleaner” brand in March 2007.

The article suggests he was laughed at, scoffed at, and told to forget it when he tried to get started.

Did he walk away?


Greer nowhas an entire line of bathroom, mold, mildew, carpet, and floor cleaners sold nationwide in pedigree retail outlets like Bed Bath and Beyond, Harmon Drugstores, Whole Foods, Wegman’s, Stop ‘N’ Shop, and Wal-Mart.

“Conventional drain cleanersare not exactly environmentally friendly,” Greer told Reporter Weber. “I knew green was going to come to fruition, and I thought this would be appropriate to everybody because everyone has drains.” 

Greer, according to Weber, “chose Earthworm for the name of his brand because ‘what earthworms do is bore their way through the dirt to allow roots to grow. What this product does is bore its way through the drain to let water flow.'”

Boosted by feature coveragein a special National Geographic “Green Guide,” and on NBCs TODAY Show, CBSs Early Show and “But I’ve Proven I Can Do It,” Greer expects to sell 20,000 cases this year, after 13,000 in 2009. His product ranks 12th on the U.S. top 20 list, ahead of “Mr. Plumber.”

What business owner category above would you put Mr. Greer in? Relative to that inspiring story, where do you put yourself? Uh, where do you put your SELF?

Remember that whatever you’ve done, or are doing, or plan to do . . . is a choice.



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