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A Little Applause Please 




Moving off the beaten path for this post, I’m going (goin’) to comment on a GOOGLE Alert response phone call I received today from GOIN’ POSTAL General Manager James Hall, who oversees 300 franchise operations across the U.S.

First, GM Hall was contacting me to let me know the circumstances involved with my blog post critique last night of one of their signs. http://bit.ly/bZrolF.

I reported that an old franchise sign which emphasized “Your Friendly Neighborhood Shipping Center” as a branding theme line, had been replaced with a new one which emphasized “Our Friendly Neighborhood Shipping Center.”

The single letter difference between “Your” and “Our” is a big one! 

The old sign/new sign references I made suggested that GOIN’ POSTAL had apparently elected to take the spotlight off their customers and put it on themselves.  


While Mr. Hall acknowledged that my observations were undoubtedly correct –and noted that the thrust of my comments about what I had observed were indeed ones he “totally agreed with”–  he convinced me that the company had, in fact, not in any way abandoned its customer-centric business focus.

It turns out that the sign I saw was, Mr. Hall said, “…our typo error. All of our locations use Your.

Last night’s blog post also pointed out that the old sign included three major corporate logos which were not on the new sign. I raised the question if GOIN’ POSTAL felt it saw no value in being partnered up with the big boys? Mr. Hall owned up quickly that the logos should not have been on the original sign to begin with because they were not legally permitted to be used.

Presumably, this is the issue that prompted a new sign to begin with.

At any rate, General Manager Hall was both the perfect gentleman and the perfect example of leadership diplomacy policy. http://bit.ly/aaNS9u.

He took the time and trouble to respond quickly and professionally. His attitude was conscientious and considerate. He expressed appreciation for bringing the issue to public attention. He owned up to the error. He explained how and why it occurred. He offered assurance that the sign would be promptly corrected. http://bit.ly/ds34iq

What more could anyone ask? A little applause, please, for GOIN’ POSTAL for being a good example of how to deal with a “bad press” issue. James Hall, you’re a credit to your company! 


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