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Imagine your staff and coaches (lawyer, accountant, banker, etc) lined up along the first base foul line as you’re introduced to a stadium filled with business professionals.

You salute to the crowd’s cheers as you jog out to homeplate, shake hands with the big-name muckity-mucks, then high-five each of your employees as you work your way along the line.

The Star-Spangled Banner. Back to the dugouts to get ready for the action. Then, it’s “PLAY BALL!” and off you go. 


So maybe you don’t think like that, and maybe you scowl and snigger, or shrug your shoulders in dismay or indifference at such fantasy.

Because…you know in your heart that even if there was a Business World Series, your little company or home-based business wouldn’t get any closer to it than the ticket scalpers out front.

Well, first of all, don’t be so sure! Perhaps you and your staff are no match for the Texas Rangers or the San Francisco Giants, but the fact that you’ve even read this blog post this far speaks to more than your fortitude. It says things about you. It proclaims your commitment to your business. (Why else would you be here, now, dreaming about your business “team” playing it’s heart out on FOX, worldwide?)

Whether your business has already made it to “The Bigs” or is still on the way — or has lost its way — there is little difference in the amount of pride you must have for having accomplished what you’ve accomplished so far (yes, even if you’ve lost your way, which simply means you need a new map!).


Consider that you’ve taken your business through turbulent times, a string of humiliating losses perhaps, to arch rivals. The inability to make clutch hits and get those RISPs across the plate. Turmoil in the locker-room? Public scandal? Yet you’ve somehow survived it all, including cash crunch issues that devastated other teams.

You are still, even if barely, in one piece, doing business. By itself, that’s cause to celebrate. (Ginger ale instead of champagne?)

More important, though, is where you go from here, the paths you take, and how you work your way around stadium traffic-snarled detours to get to the next set of division and league playoffs en route to the next world series. Will you recruit from within your own farm system or go out and pay top dollar to get that hot-shot superstar you’ve always wanted on your team?


Will this be the year for new uniforms? Will you hold the line on ticket sales or offer more discounts to keep your customer-fan base? How much more charity can you afford? What to do with vendor union efforts to drive prices higher and unreasonable demands by player agents?

The more you think of your business as a serious championship contender, the more likely it is that it will be. 

What are some of the slogans? “Ya Gotta Believe!” and “We’ve Got No Place To Go But Up!” and “See You At The Top!” 


But the bottom line in sports and life and business is always the same:


     . . . NOT THE DESTINATION!      



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