Does Your Business Rock?

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“Even though


we ain’t got money,


I’m so in love


with you, Honey…”



Is your business: Classic Rock, Smooth Jazz, Hip-Hop, Easy Listening, Country, Operatic, Heavy Metal, Rhythm and Blues, Punk, Big Band, Classical, March, Reggae, Folk, Broadway, Acid Rock, Acoustic, Ballroom, Boogie-Woogie, Choral, Dixieland, Doo-Wop, Grunge, Latin, Spiritual, Scat, Gospel, Honky-Tonk, Salsa, Soul, Pop, Rap, Bluegrass, Calypso, Fusion, Disco . . . or what?


Not sure? Ask around. See what employees say. Suppliers? Customers? Your family? You might be surprised at the answers you get.

Once you narrow down your field of sounds, ask yourself if you really want your business associated with McCartney’s “Money Machine” or Jimmy Buffet’s “Wastin’ Away Again In Margaritaville” . . . or whatever image seems to rise to the surface.


People are much more


receptive to abstract


questions than serious


ones, and their answers


are likely to be truer.


The value of this exercise is that people are much more receptive to abstract questions than serious ones, and their answers are likely to be truer. In the end, if you’re intent on making your business succeed, or continuing to succeed, then you need also to be alert to the values of taking ongoing inventory of the impressions people have of what you do. Remember it changes.

Like everything else, the only permanency in business and life is change. Perspectives change daily (hourly in many cases) and the entrepreneurs who are most successful are those who constantly keep tabs on the impressions others have of their business enterprises . . . and make adjustments accordingly.

Business is, after all, about serving the customer. When your market perceives (correctly or not) that what your business has to offer no longer satisfies the benefits your customers seek, it doesn’t matter what you think. It matters only how you adjust to provide what’s being sought. It doesn’t matter how great your music is, it’s whether it’s appropriate or not. Is it in sync with your customers?

Baseball’s greatest hitters are those who continuously (in the middle of the game and even, and especially, in the middle of an at-bat) adjust their attitudes, stance, and plans they bring with them to the plate as they see how the pitcher they face is faring. The world’s greatest entrepreneurs have the same kind of track-record and approach. They are continually assessing the market, and their role.

If you are playing rock and roll in your head and your business is playing elevator music, it’s like swinging for a fastball and getting a change up — you are way out in front. And you’re undoubtedly feeling frustrated at every turn with your organization’s snail pace. If you are trying to dance the waltz to a limbo, you are bound to trip yourself up.

So get out your old kazoo and hum your way back into reality. Start checking other peoples’ perspectives about something that has to do with your business as a matter of daily routine. It’s the only way to keep on top of the reason you’re in business in the first place . . . and that ain’t to be singin’ no lullabies (unless of course you’re in the baby products business!)

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