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Once you’ve gathered it,


what do you do with it?


     We’ve all experienced it, some more than others. Leaders, campaigns, competitors, gamblers, teams, and combatants “get on a roll.” 

     Webster’s defines it as “strength or force gained by motion or through the development of events.” The Flip Dictionary says it’s “drive, energy, force, impetus, motion, thrust, tide, velocity.” Roget’s Thesaurus adds “push, drive, impulse, go, and speed” to the list.

     As a human attribute, it can be here one minute, and gone the next . . . it’s all about MOMENTUM.

     One baseball team gets two runs and goes ahead, gaining momentum in the game, but the next two batters strike out and the third out is made by an amazing outfield catch. BOING! Momentum shifts.

     Momentum untangles a sales pro from an ordinary day and throws her into the control seat of a speeding locomotive.

     Like a giant hand gently pressing your spine forward, momentum is a psychological phenomenon that produces surges of self-confidence-boosting thoughts and behaviors.

     No one goes home at 10am after making a big sale at 9am. That’s when he trots off instead to see all the non-committal hanger-on prospects, that’s when the sales lead generation task becomes challenging and inviting.

     Those are the moments of “Well, let’s not stop here; now I’m on a role; lemme into that pipeline! Now’s the time to go get those other sales that I’ve been dragging my feet on.”

     Business leaders of every description thrive on momentum. When everyone in a department “clicks” and the workload is happily and productively dispensed with, leaving time for a celebratory water cooler or snack room gathering, that’s momentum in action.

     The funny part is that the same thoughts and actions that serve to gather momentum also work to sustain it.

     Making conscious choices to do whatever it takes to make things work to your favor, and then making those choices again and again and again and again throughout the hour, and the day, and the week, and the month…is all the magic you need. Even in sales.

     I know, I know, sales –that is, selling– is a multi-faceted, job function that demands more than attitude. Or does it?

     Sure, your appearance and product/service know-ledge, promptness, a genuine smile and handshake, a couple of attractive “deals” up your sleeve, and a strong listening skill-set are all critical ingredients, but the attitude you choose to practice dictates how well those multi-facets perform!

     And what’s this to do with leadership? Sales and selling are just part of the business. Perhaps, but every business needs every person in the business to be selling all the time, every day.

     Selling needs to be as much the responsibility of the owner and the operations head and the financial head and the IT head as all the other functions they perform. Even in big business.

     Talk to yourself. Tell yourself you won’t settle for sedentary status quo hours and days and weeks. Remind yourself that you’ve got what it takes and that it’s all inside your head.

     No one else and no event can control what you think. What you think and how you act are 100% your choice. Choose success and productivity and keep choosing it. or 302.933.0116 or Hal@BusinessWorks.US  
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