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Are you paying for your


business with your health?


“Hey, How’s it goin’?”

“Great! Second quarter sales have picked up and it looks like we’ll be steady through September. I’ve had to cut staffing, but the people who are still here are working double-time with me and keeping things on a roll.”

“Good to hear, but you look, um, tired?”

“Yeah, well I haven’t been sleeping much and I was up all night with a toothache, and my stomach –aw, must of been something I ate– anyway, keeping the business alive takes it’s toll, y’know? Like that speeding ticket I just got cause I was thinking about this guy I was talking with on my cell phone instead of the gas pedal.”

     Indeed. Every one who owns and/or operates or manages a business knows this nasty little secret: Business stress is consuming. It spreads like wildfire and leaves little in its path besides smoldering ashes. Yeah, yeah, I know you know, but what you probably forgot is that you bring it on yourself. Sometimes disguised as unconscious, it’s usually the result of a conscious choice.

  • “If I grab this quick cheeseburger, I can keep working on my projects and not have to take a whole big long break to sit down in some restaurant while nothing gets done.”
  • “I get enough exercise. I pace around the worksite all day. Who needs to swim laps or workout in a gym with muscleheads?”
  • “I know I’ve been snapping at my family lately, but if I wasn’t bringing home enough to feed and clothe them and keep a roof over their heads, where would we be?”
  • “Relax? Sure, I get my couple or three drinks in every night . . . and even sneak in a cigar or two on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.”

     Nobody likes to admit that they made bad choices. So one bad choice often has a way of lumping itself right onto another one. Bad choices have a way of steamrollering. If you choose for them to do that. Ah, there’s that insulting “choice” word again. “Hey, I had three cheeseburgers yesterday; how about choosing a bucket of fried chicken today instead?”

     If any of this sounds at all familiar, you are not likely to respond well to a lecture and will delete this in a flash, so we won’t go there.

     If you’re at a point where you’ve made an honest decision to do better with yourself because you’ve concluded there’s only one self to go around in life, and now you’re looking for quick-fix answers, stop!

     Whatever answers you get that could possibly make a difference will have to come from inside you anyway, not from healthcare experts, not from healthcare pretenders, not from those all-natural treatments, pills, liquids, injections, organic this and thats or limiting everything you eat to stuff that has no eyes, or from ingesting magic books and tapes and CDs and DVDs and website videos.

     Those are all very nice things but they won’t make anything happen that you don’t want to happen.

     The only answers to your business health and personal health problems that can possibly work are those that come from inside you, from knowing that no one else can reach into your brain and control you, and that all of your thoughts and behaviors are chosen by you, or exist because of some other choices you made in the recent or distant past.


It’s never too late to choose to

recognize that you ARE your body.

Without reasonable good health, you

cannot have a reasonably good business.

Decide what’s important, and what

    needs to come first . . . then do it!    

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