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     Making a sale and marketing a business requires having and using great words. Results-driven words. And just in case someone may have led you to believe otherwise, great “results-driven” words don’t fall from the sky, or march single-file out of some closet an hour or two (or even overnight, as some misguided car dealers believe) after brewing, steeping, or incubation.

     Great results-driven words are only born of great word craftsmanship.

     Do you think someone at General Electric locked her or him self in a sealed room with a jug of Red Bull and couple of pastrami sandwiches, only to fling open the door after half a day and burst forth into the waiting throngs of anxiously pacing top executives, and proclaim: “Aha! I’ve got it! Listen to this:

GE…Progress Is Our Most Important Product!”

     Well, do you? Right.

     And so next, the CEO no doubt stepped forward and said:

“Yeah, terrific! Now get back in your little dungeon. And while you’re there, why don’t you work up a follow-up line like “GE…We Bring Good Things To Life” — okay? And, by the way, hustle it up will you; we need this stuff for a commercial we’re filming in another hour. Uh, how’s your Bull and pastrami holding out? Got enough mustard?”

     Sure. It’s that simple. Of course, you will need the concentrated caffeine drink and concentrated salt-processed meat just in case you get stuck on a word. Hmmm. Maybe the slogan should be more like, “Innovative New Technology Is The Best Thing We Produce.”? Nah! That doesn’t really cut the pastrami mustard, does it? Or maybe, “GE…We Give Your Things A Charge!“? You get the idea.

     Though many of us would like to believe that the wordsmithing process is quick, simple, and so pain free that our good-for-nothing, 40-something brother-in-law could do the task with his hands tied behind his back because he watches 12 hours of TV a day and — by now — must be able to crank out great winning slogan and jingles faster than the Energizer Bunny on Viagra.

     Unfortunately for tightwad impatient bosses, none of this happens like squirting lighter fluid on burning charcoal. Neither is it something that’s methodically built on reams (flashdrives) full of research. But be-cause all of us watch TV, read ads and surf the Web, we think it’s no big deal to write magic marketing words.

     That, however, is like hanging around a gym for 20 years, watching, and then deciding you can use what you’ve observed to bench press 200 pounds. Good luck! You may want to have a cardiologist and chiropractor on your speed dial.

     Writing (and the magic ingredient: RE-writing) takes skill, and is best left to those who do it for a living. If you’re looking for some writing insurance, find a writer with in-depth business experience. 

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