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Is it time to throw in the

      towel or just not dry off?

You’re out of customers. You’re out of money. But you’re not out of guts. So go get your glove and get back in the game. There’s been a lot of moaning and groaning lately from business owners who sound like they’re looking for reasons to throw in the towel. There is no reason to throw in anything unless you choose to quit! It’s a choice! 

Take it on the chin and move on if that’s what you really want. Better yet, show some of the gumption you had when you started your business. Remember that day? week? year? Were you a tiger or what? You wouldn’t even listen to people who told you to forget it, right? Why? Because you believed in yourself and your ideas. Because you knew in your heart you could make things work. 

Where did that go? POOF! You somehow chose to let it go. Your conscious or unconscious mind made a decision that the challenge was greater than you wanted to handle. Is it? Do you really want to chuck it all or have you just been looking for an excuse to pack it in and stop living on the edge. Maybe get a fastfood or convenience store job? (or worse, work for the government!)  

That doesn’t sound like the you that brought your life to this point. You were never a quitter. Why now? Because the economy sucks? Because the competition is too cutthroat? Because your neighbor seems happier working 9-5 for a big company and having weekends off?  

So things didn’t turn out the way you had hoped. Do they ever? For ANYbody? Maybe you’ve been pretending the grass is greener on the other side of the fence because you don’t know what your neighbor’s life is really like, and you’ve just been building up this big make-believe image of it and trying to measure your own life against it? 

Can we measure our lives against others? Really? Maybe what’s needed is to measure our lives against ourselves and realize that nothing is too great for us to accomplish when we put our minds to it. Maybe we need simply to remind ourselves that, hey, we really DO have what it takes to turn things around, and start using all that whining energy to get things done. 

Whadda you think? Is this just imagining? Are you ready to decide about the rest of your life in favor of you! Are you rolling up your sleeves as you read this? Good. Go for it! You can do it. You can make a difference with your life in this world. Do it now.     

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