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My Father (“Harry”)


Told Me 


Whether or not these “words of wisdom” actually made a difference is anybody’s guess, but I believe some of it did. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a gem, you’ll have to sort through it all yourself. Just because something did or didn’t work for me doesn’t mean it will or won’t for you. So — take it with a grain of salt? Perhaps, but know for sure that some of this old world advice from an arguably savvy father amounts to the kind of input that can make a difference for almost any entrepreneur and/or business owner.


(This message was delivered repeatedly to my right ear while Dad was teaching me how to “merge” into traffic, then again years later as a new app, when I vacillated between two job offers. “Lost” wasn’t something I wanted to be, so I found this prompt to action useful a few times over.)


You always want things to be copacetic,

and the best way to get there is to have

a sense of urgency about all that you do.

(Dad often supplemented this advice with reminders to “be quick like a bunny” and to do what you need to do “in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.” I recall as well Harry’s contradictory “Haste Makes Waste” warnings, but eventually figured out a compromise behavior which was something like: think stuff out slowly and carefully then act like lightning to get the job done. Hey, it worked for me. And as it turns out, part of it wasn’t far from the motto for carpenters and heart surgeons: “Measure twice. Cut once.”)




(You need, he would lecture, to take priority care of your appetite and your feet because you only get one of one and two of the other!)


When meeting others for the first time,

always dress a notch higher

than you think they will.

(Because “clothes make the man” and

“you only get one first impression.”)


To be the best you can be, you have to

practice, practice, practice, practice,

practice . . . and practice some more.



(Physically and financially!)


When all else fails to cheer you up, sing and whistle!


Go with the wind, but


always be ready


to turn into it!


If you can’t say something nice

about someone, say nothing.


ALWAYS give people more effort

and more attention than you think

they ever imagined getting from you!



Don’t give up to others what you don’t have for yourself, no matter how needy they are because you can do more to help others when you do it from a position of strength . . . and be more generous than you think you should be when you get to the point where you can afford it!


And, arriving home as a kid, with a bloody nose, Harry said:

If you didn’t give the other guy a black eye,

I’m gonna give you a sore butt!  


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