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Be Paralyzed? 


     Today’s news ushered in a bombardment of reliably-sourced economic reports that 2011 will bring complete economic collapse to the US and other nations. Why? Reports suggest the cause is  Obama administration insistence on tax increases being put in place to cover the costs of the federal government’s rampantly out-of-control spending policies.

     Who knows? I don’t pretend to be an economist. I hear the same things that you do. The talk is about major corporations jamming up their income and packing it into 2010 so that increased taxes can be sidestepped in 2011.

     Without getting into the details of how this triggers other tax-rate-related events, and what this represents, the results are expected to be a fully collapsed economy with unemployment possibly reaching even 2-3 times the present level, which as all of us know is already unacceptable. 

     If you’re looking for answers (beyond taking a correction course in the next two major elections), you might as well click off to another blog; I have nothing to offer as a quick-fix. If you’re feeling panicky about all these rumblings, I am here to tell you that you will produce what you breed.

     Freezing in your path, becoming catatonic, and paralyzing your business are not choices that are going to get you anywhere, and will in fact foreclose even the remotest possibility of survival. Recognizing that the future is fantasy; it is not here now, and it may never actually come (or may certainly never come as you expect it to) is an awareness that can carry your business successfully through the projected storm.

     Start out with the conviction that you can in fact make some things happen with your own business that will help protect it should times, in fact, get even tougher than they are right now. And begin taking steps now.

     People in the 50’s were ridiculed for building bomb shelters, but the peace of mind that these fortifications produced served to provide a level of renewed vigor and confidence for moving forward.

     This is not to suggest you run out and start constructing bunkers. It IS to suggest that you begin taking careful inventory of what’s essential to making your business run — what can you do without? How can you consolidate and collaborate and combine efforts to save expenses and maximize productivity. You already went through this exercise a year or two ago. Do it again.

     9/11 changed the world. In the same fashion that carry-on luggage regulations and examinations have correspondingly changed, you may need to once again reassess, downsize, adjust, compress, consolidate, and tighten your business controls. You cannot afford to wait until a bomb hits before building a bomb shelter. Prepare your business now. 

     You cannot continue day-to-day business operations without contingency plans. Set your goals. Adjust your goals, Go for your goals. But don’t focus on the finish line. Stay with the journey! And don’t choose for worry to get in your way!  

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Thanks for visiting. Go for your goals! God Bless:  You, America, and Our Troops. “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!” [Thomas Jefferson]  Make today a GREAT Day!

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