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How to bypass




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     Don’t let the hype-artists intimidate you into thinking there are some kind of magical secrets you need to know in order to make social media work for your business. Sorry for the sprinkling of reality, but the “magical” part is simply common sense, and the “secrets” are nothing more than common courtesies

     There is just the first name of the thing to be tended to: Social.

     If Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and the others were intended to be all about business, they would have been called business media. But, Aha! They are social media, which means that if you choose to bring your business to a social gathering spot, you’d better be willing to lighten up and socialize.

     If you instead insist on being a pushy, boorish business type (even if your comments are entertaining), you can count on being left standing in some damp, dark, obscure corner looking forlornly at all those who are having fun bippity-bopping around. You won’t just be feeling left out, by the way, you’ll actually be getting deleted, disconnected, and blocked by the socializers. (Now there’s a concept!)

     Imagine! People hooking up and chatting with one another for the sake of hooking up and chatting? Now that’s not to suggest that all the millions of business-minded, entrepreneurial folks out there cannot go to the party, and cannot talk business. But — like handing out business cards at a wedding — you’ll go further with your pursuits if you focus on being discreet.

     Realize that the vast majority of social media users (“followers” and “friends”) are actively engaged for personal gain and well-being, to look and feel important, and to chit-chat freely with friends, family, acquaintances, and complete strangers in the mad rush of what we have come to call life in our ever-less-personalized, busy, instant communications hi-tech age.

     In other words, if you’re going to go on or into any of these social networks, attempting to hawk your wares or services, you need to remember that you’re a guest at the party that’s catering to friendships, acquaintances, and life issues. If you overlook basic courtesies and fail to indulge in some friendly banter because you’re so focused on selling, you will be banished to the basement of business blunderers!

     And, it is that — first and foremost — that business moguls must remember: Always thank your host and hostess or, in this case, those who mention you, who connect with you, who introduce and applaud you, and even those who disagree with you. Don’t pass up any chance to express your appreciation and gratitude to others by name.

     Start out timid. Brash crashers are viewed the same in social media as they are at a real party. If you stick to an agenda of being discreet, polite, friendly, and caring, fellow followers and friends may even outright welcome your sales spiels . . . especially when what you have to say changes frequently and gives others pause to think about, laugh at (be careful here!), or learn from.

     Best to stay clear of the same topics you are generally best to stay clear of at a real party — religion, politics, family laundry, and sex (not necessarily in that order). Remember the alternative: basement banishment is not typically a pleasant experience.  

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