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If you’ve even been


thinking about it,


STOP!   It’ll


kill your business! 


     “Fishing off company docks,” as Grandpa used to call it, is a choice. Don’t choose it!

     If you’re not in a home business and married to your partner, there is no excuse big enough to allow room for a sex relationship in your business no matter how discreet you think you can be, no matter how tempting a person or situation is, no matter what any one’s marital status is.

     It will come back to bite you in the butt and wreck your business. Guaranteed!

     No, I don’t pretend to be a preacher or a moralist. Nor am I a prude or an embittered, failed religious fanatic. I have been a personal and professional growth and development counselor to many top business executives and many physicians.

     I have seen and “heard confession” of at least a hundred instances of boss and associate or boss and employee sex relationships at work, and every single one of them ultimately destroyed the business or medical practice. No exceptions.

     No matter how worked up the thinking about it gets, sex on the desk is simply not worth it. The Clinton-Lewinsky scandal transformed societal acceptance levels, with of course the help of mainstream media which found it preferable to capitulate and sanction the offenses (rather than bite the Presidential hand that fed them . . . Hmmm, sound familiar?).

     Bill Clinton’s indiscretions don’t make the practice of sex in the office (ANY office) an “okay” thing.

     It’s unfortunate that Clinton’s gross violation of public trust and personal morals will be his only truly memorable contribution to go down in the Presidential legacy history books. The Brothers Kennedy and others, as past events come to light, were apparently no better behaved — just had the wherewithal to stall off public awareness for a few decades.

     The sexual pursuits of employee underlings follow the perceived power of leaders . . . and it’s easy for business leader (the more powerful, the easier) to take sexual advantage of an employee . . . even the owner of a small retail store is not exempt.

     The only thing that keeps business owners above the fray is the active recognition that all behavior is a choice, and that sex at work is a bad choice in every instance. Why? Because it stands to cost the business and the owner (as well as the magnetized employee!) deeply and irrevocably. 

     The risk of lifelong-haunting business failure far outweighs the moments of indiscretion. Entrepreneurs, we need to remember, take only reasonable risks. Leave the mixing of sexlife with worklife to Hollywood where morals don’t exist anyway, and where risk-taking is a fictional pursuit.

     Odds are you have spent enormous energy and untold amounts of time and money to anchor your business in reality. You deserve to keep it there.   

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