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     Right when we were starting to think we might be coming close to turning an economic corner, we get slammed with a Healthcare Summit instead of a Jobs Summit!?!

     In addition to extolling the new healthcare plan “affordability,” today’s White House declaration reads: “The President’s proposal puts American families and small business owners in control of their own healthcare.” 

     It does nothing of the kind. 

     First off, if you don’t have a job to pay for healthcare, what makes affordability important? And if you can’t afford it, who cares about control? Adding insult to injury, even if you are employed and can afford it, you are not in control; the federal government is in control.

     We’ve said it here before, healthcare reform can only succeed if it is free-market-enterprise price-competitive, and is run on a state-by-state basis. Citizens of Rangeley, Maine, have totally different healthcare needs than those of San Diego . . . or Dallas, Wisconsin, Kansas, or New Jersey.  

     The federal government, in its continuing resistance to acknowledge and foster the fact that small business is America’s only genuine economic survival lifeline, continues to backstab entrepreneurial leaders while smiling at them and shaking their hands.

     Anyway, whatever you do, don’t come up for air just yet because the minute you open your mouth to gasp, the socialist zealots (who decry its use in terrorist interrogation) are standing ready to waterboard small business owners with yet another obstinate attempt to shove a one-size-fits-all healthcare plan down our throats.

     This latest healthcare runaround does nothing except drain small businesses even more and further prevent them from the essential (and only) economic survival solution of creating new jobs. 

     The White House doesn’t get it. Americans simply do not want what is being sold no matter how it’s packaged and promoted, anymore than they’re rushing off to storm local jewelers to cash in on 2 for 1 diamond deals. When you’re sweating this month’s bills and this week’s meals, the healthcare system reforms someone else thinks is needed hardly matter.

     Jobs are what’s important.

     Bailouts and stimulus money are creating jobs? That’s a myth. Do the research if you doubt it. And funneling $30 billion into community banks will not jumpstart small business job creation either.  Oh, if I dare ask, by the way, where on Earth is that $30 billion coming from in the first place? How will it be used? Loans to pay off loans doesn’t seem like a promising solution. What will be the guidelines?

    Is there even a shred of Executive and Congressional awareness about the realities of small business ownership and management?

     Why have unions and big business locked arms with government to prevent small business entrepreneurs from saving all of our butts? It’s called creeping socialism, political greed and outright stupidity.

     It’s past time to stop buying what the President and Congress are trying to sell to further their own agendas under the pretense that they know what’s best, and to instead get them focused on what the American people really need: genuine and simple job creation incentives to small business.      

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