DELAY is for lawyers, not entrepreneurs!

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“Even if you’re on the right track,


you’ll get run over


if you just sit there.”


     Well, isn’t that nice? We just lost all the lawyers who regularly visit this site (probably at least 3!) when they saw that this was going to be an encouragement-to-act presentation.

     Lawyers are, after all, heavily invested in maintaining the status quo, in creating and fostering delay. Trying to get an attorney to read about the need to take action steps is like trying to get a chiropractor with back pain to visit an orthopaedic surgeon (or vice versa!).

     Will Rogers was the right voice for entrepreneurs. Nothing speaks louder than action. And odds are almost universally that when in doubt, some action is always better than no action. The important thing is to stay flexible as you act… whether it’s on the football field, the factory floor, your website or in the middle of a customer sales pitch.

     Taking action — as in business decision making, customer service, sales pipeline pursuits, marketing, value-adding to products and services, opening new revenue channels, strategic planning, stimulating productivity. and designing innovative management approaches — is the true mark of leadership.

     Nothing is gained in business by waiting. Not any more. Not in today’s lightning-paced world of communication, not in this economy.

     Does moving forward before you have all the information you think you need, make you feel nervous and prompt you to worry about outcomes? Okay, truth: You are not alone (A) and as Henry David Thoreau once said, “All we ever have is limited knowledge” (B), so use what you know to determine and update and act.

     Short of a life or death decision (which, thankfully, not many of us are called on to make very often), if your action turns out to be wrong: Stop the train at the next station. Get down onto the platform. Brush yourself off. Collect feedback. Listen. Get your bearings. Get onto the next train. Just keep moving.   

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