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Innovation Starts With


A Creative Idea.


     Innovation may end with the implementation of a strategic plan that carries a creative idea all the way through to completion — whether it’s a new product launch, and expanded service offering, a new approach to management or something else — but it begins with a creative idea!

     Hey, that’s great, you might say, but how do I stimulate my people to dream up creative ideas that we can innovate with? I have 6 engineers, 3 chemists, and 4 accountants reporting to me and the most creative thing any of them do is wear a plaid shirt on vacation.

     Aha! Then — assuming it’s worth 45 minutes a week to maybe light some fires under them and facilitate some positive changes — tell your team that it’s time to divest your business of its status quo investments.

     Tell them you want to begin making some big waves in the market and/or the industry and or the organization. Challenge them to rise to the occasion and take responsibility for introducing 3 new workable ideas each, every week.

     Give each person 1 minute to present each idea in each weekly status meeting. So 3 ideas each, 3 minutes = 3 x 13 team members = 39 minutes.

     Devote 1 minute of each meeting to creative stimulation activities: Make something out of a single page of newspaper! (Anything!) or draw a t-shirt and put the word or words or picture on it that best describes how you feel right now (Anything!) or pass a rock around and have each person pretend to put into it the one thing besides money that she/he thinks is missing from the company that could make it better, and say what that thing is (Anything!).

     Use 1 minute to vote on the 3 most feasible ideas and rank them. Address the #1 idea with 4 minutes of quick discussion about how the team could make the idea work. VOILA! 45 minutes a week of creative stimulation will most certainly produce some innovative pursuits. 

     Don’t be afraid of trying, or too quick to abandon the approach. It WILL work and it WILL bring some meaningful new directions from once stagnant corners of your business environment. Adapt the timing and challenges as you see fit. Email me if you have questions.

     As the owner or manager you have the implied power to make it work. It’s your choice to bring active, encouraging, fun-filled, and noncritical leadership to the table, to challenge others to take the risk of offering suggestions. And remember that bad and stupid suggestions will almost always trigger good productive ones that would otherwise NEVER have surfaced.

     So encourage ALL input and reward failures when there’s real effort involved. You’ll be amazed at the differences you can usher in within just a few short weeks of consistent and enthusiastic support. Similar approaches have brought astronomical success to all types and sizes of businesses. The keys: Encourage every effort and be persistent.  


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