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    Yup! You “coont effin spelt enterprenewer, and now y’all is one.” Well, just maybe there’s some chance that you could have also had a few other misconceptions about the title. But you’re probably still smarter than the rest of the business world. 

     Or perhaps you’re one of those amazed and astonished corporate types who’s literally rolling in misconceptions about entrepreneurs, and likes to cluck your tongue at even the thought of such low-life business people who haven’t one iota of strategic planning in their blood.

     Well, hey, YOU might be wondering about how the entrepreneurial thing is going right about now in this government-fantasized period of financial boom that even the neighborhood corporate mogul knows is nowhere near reality.  

     Well, here’s something to keep in mind that very few people except entrepreneurs know about entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs only take reasonable risks! Whaaaa? How could that be? You trying to say those reckless spender-types have a sense of reason? Vision? Purpose?

     Actually, I am convinced that government institutions and agencies along with corporate giants are the only entities in existence (well, maybe academia too) that throw around money they don’t have, and insist on taking risks that would be unreasonable to a three year-old.

     But what do I know? I’ve only notched a few hundred business startups and taught entrepreneurship in college, and managed to squeeze in some significant years of service to both corporate giant and government (and academic) incompetents

     I observed enough to appreciate that no entrepreneur worth her or his salt would be caught dead in those suffocating environments for any longer than it takes to escape to lives of business independence and self-sufficiency. 

     Those experiences also underscored for me the absolute sanity of individuals that most of the rest of the world considers to be insane business venture leaders. Entrepreneurs are postured as being filled with cockamamie ideas and always juggling money deals while straddling shifting sands. Not a pretty picture.

     Truth: Entrepreneurs are the world’s most genuine and productive catalysts of change.

     Historically, Entrepreneurs have always been the movers and shakers of society. They still are today, and will continue to be far into the future. They alone know how to turn on a dime, how to respond to market fluctuations, to competitors, to innovation, to the whole mindset of making ideas work.

     Entrepreneurs, again contrary to popular opinion, are not driven by profit motives. They are driven by a burning desire to marshal whatever forces necessary to make their ideas work.

     That pursuit alone is so staggering in so many quarters that money simply appears and flies at them — heads down, charging forward — while they are in the make-it-work process. Yet we are actually seeing more entrepreneurs distance themselves from investors who today seek immediate ROI and hold out no regard for authenticity of pursuits.

     When we finally ever DO see this economy turn, remember the impetus didn’t come from government or corporate giants. They haven’t a clue. If you want to appreciate financial upswings, thank an entrepreneur!                                                                                                                        

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