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Watch where you’re going,


but think about


where you are.


[A Spirit of Christmas Business Message]


     We watched a blind man’s yellow Lab thread his master through the parking lot and into the giant retail outlet, through electronic doors and deftly around an oblivious woman who appeared cast in stone, at one with her shopping cart … surely not about to move. 

     The man and his companion worked their way around obstacles, displays, counters, other shoppers. They passed so briskly and so seemingly self-assured that only a few passerby even noticed just one pair of color-blind canine eyes leading three pair of legs.

     But we did. And in a mere matter of seconds after the man’s best friend and the man were devoured by store traffic, my mind snapped to attention from its visual tracking trance and realized we had been witness to a man with no eyes. Mine began to fill with tears. Maybe it was being sad for him, or grateful for me, or simply the season, but … 

     All my weaknesses, complaints and woes went quickly off into space as I closed my eyes and considered for just a moment what my life would be like without ever or ever again seeing a crepe myrtle in full bloom, the ocean, a blue heron following with its body its spindly silent legs as it creeps along the shore, a laughing toddler, deep woods, a frolicking litter of puppies, snow-topped mountains, my family, a book, works of art, lightening, swooping seagulls, my toothbrush, a roaring fireplace, faces, a Christmas tree…

     Who could possibly want a Christmas present who has full use of vision after seeing someone who does not?

So, I am left to conclude that Christmas is

truly not about either giving or receiving.


     Christmas is instead about consciousness-raising, celebration, self-renewal, and setting out once again on our annual trek to make the most of what we do already have, to better ourselves and the lives of those around us.

     Christmas is a gentle wake-up call to remember we are here to make a difference on this planet, one day at a time, to focus on making what’s possible happen. Christmas is a time for melancholy, yes, but also for introspection. We remember that we have within each of us the ability to choose the pathways that make existence on Earth as worthy as what lives in the riches of our souls.

     Here’s what I’ve learned (often the hard way, mind you) so here’s what I have to share: In both business and in life, watch where you’re going, but always think about where you are. Be grateful for all that is yours, and continue your work to grow your business so you can help others from a position of strength … because the greatest gift of all is love wrapped up in charity.

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God Bless You One And All 

And Merry Christmas!


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  1. Meredith Bellon 22 Dec 2009 at 10:19 pm

    A beautiful message for this season, Hal, and for every day. If we can begin and end each day with sincere, heartfelt gratitude for what and who we have in our lives, it will make a huge difference in how we live and how we attempt to impact others. Thank you for the gift of YOU!

  2. Hal Alpiaron 25 Dec 2009 at 9:54 pm

    For one of the few times in my life, there’s nothing I can say. I am so grateful for your support and kind words. It is what makes the time and effort to do these posts everyday worthwhile. You are a truly remarkable person for being able to spread such joy with so few words. Bless you. And Merry Christmas!

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