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It Doesn’t Fall From The Sky


…Innovation Needs Ignition



We’ve all heard  how the lousy economy is getting better now, and will soon (fingers crossed behind backs) be booming again. And even those of us who are eternal optimists know better than to believe a word of it.

Small business owners and operators and managers  know that only job creation will turn the tide, and that job creation will only come from increased sales, and that increased sales will only come from great customer service and … INNOVATION.

Here are ways/attitudes/ideas  that can help jump-start innovation (the development of new products, services, markets, ways of doing things, from ignition to blast-off to orbit and back) beginning right now:

1. Do not tolerate paralysis. Some action is always better than no action. Inspire a “Do it” mindset and reward failures when genuine efforts are made.

2. Try stuff!  Test it out. Ask customers and suppliers what they think. Convene quick focus groups. Scramble together as much quick feedback as possible and LISTEN to it!

3. Instill a sense of urgency  about taking initial ideas all the way through the thought and strategic launch process. Insist on thorough thinking done quickly. Don’t wait for lengthy studies, follow-up meetings, and long assessments.

4. Be open and receptive  to and encourage bizarre and eccentric and cyberspace thinking, but cultivate ongoing teamwork to shake ideas loose and get them organized and moving.

5. Get EVERY one engaged. The best results can sometimes come from the least expected sources. Make EVERY one who contributes part of the launch crew, with small frequent reinforcement rewards (fresh fruit in the lunch area, personal handwritten thank you and acknowledgment notes mailed to “The Family of” at home addresses, local news releases, website mentions)

     Remember that it doesn’t take much to shake things up  and spur some new innovative activity, but it can take a lot of work and a long time to restore order if you try to take things to fast in too many directions at the same time. Keep the ideas flowing. Keep each step of the way a product of organized teamwork. And keep control.

You need to ignite fires and encourage brainstorming with one hand, then bring things into realistic focus with the other. Yes indeed, you are once again in that old entrepreneurship attitude that you thrived on when you started.

Maybe you’ve lost touch  in recent times with some of those “egotistical, competitive, passionate, persistent-beyond-belief entrepreneurial traits” (Thank you Tom Peters and Nancy Austin in “A PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE…The Leadership Difference”)?

Perhaps someone convinced you not to worry about it because the economy is turning around? Perhaps it’s time for you to turn your business around with more innovative pursuits and action. Perhaps?

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