Your “Pass-Along” Site Visitor Virus

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Check Your Content Vitals!


     When words and sentences  are not set off in visually-balanced spacing arrangements, or are broken in mid-thought, or lack the proper relationship to one another, or suffer from overkill font treatments, or are simply too cluttered looking . . . they lose impact.

     When this occurs on your website,  you lose visitors. Lost visitors mean lost sales. And here’s what makes it even worse that very many business owners don’t realize:

Lost site visits = Opportunity losses

     A rarely thought-about or accounted-for reality  is that — like the exponential explosion of bad reputation that can be ignited by just one unhappy customer — there is a click-off dynamic in place which can threaten your website health by unhappy “pass-along visitorships.”

People talk. People Email. People Twitter. People Txtmsg.

     In the old days,  we would ask one another:  Did you see that front page story? Or, did you see that TV special? Now we say: Did you check that site? And how do you respond when you think a site eats dirt? Or maybe in a moment of assertiveness, you even volunteer to others that a site you just looked at isn’t worth their time to visit?

     Missed visits  from those who might ordinarily check a site but are forewarned to not waste their time by a family member, friend or associate who already stopped by (and found the site boring, stale or confusing) cost sales, the opportunity to cultivate sales, and — fairly or not — reputation … maybe even 2nd and 3rd hand negative comments.

     Your homepage and landing pages  cannot be too engaging. And — opposite of what many site designers and self-proclaimed website and SEO and SEM and conversion “specialists” would have you believe — it’s the content (copywriting), not the graphics that sell.

     If in fact the words are what sell,  why would you want to settle for anything less than the perfect sets of words on your site? Why would you want to have them be bro-                                  ken in the wrong places? Or have headlines that end or start a line of text on a peculiar                     word?

     In other words, YOU HAVE 7 SECONDS  to get someone into your site, or you’ve lost them. If you’ve lost them, those people are likely to lose you others, others who may never have even gotten a glimpse of your offerings.

     The best thing you can do  to prevent “Pass-Along” Site Visitor Virus, and minimize your website opportunity losses is to get (and pay the piper for) great copywriting. The words are critical. How the words appear is critical. A great copywriter tends to both of these ingredients.

     A great copywriter  is invested in creating and producing words that sell. What happens to your site visitors in the first 7 seconds?

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