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     What makes three mentions  of a phone number work better in your broadcast commercial than just one or two, or five or ten? We all know — or perhaps we’ve forgotten — that REPETITION SELLS. Uh, what’s that? Repetition sells. Repetition sells. Repetition sells! (There we go again: 3)!

    If you’re a real estate professional,  it’s LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION, right? Writers live to REVISE, REVISE, REVISE. Scientists EXPERIMENT, EXPERIMENT, EXPERIMENT. From piano teachers to football coaches, the word is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

     Adventurers  EXPLORE, EXPLORE, EXPLORE. Insurance claims people ADJUST, ADJUST, ADJUST. Corporate R&D people and direct mail experts TEST, TEST, TEST (and many kids undoubtedly think that’s also their least favorite teacher’s motto)!

     Politicians and Little League parents  seem universally to think that WIN, WIN, WIN is what life is all about. How many BUSINESS things come in three’s? Why triplicate copies? One for you, one for the customer, and one for who knows what? Many Caribbean resorts process 3 receipts for a bottle of beer! 

     Therapy group shrinks  use triads to process stuff. Olympic stars do triple flips. Fat guys order triple scoop cones. And there’s nothing like a base-clearing triple for excitement. The triple crown. A hat trick. 3-D. 3 tenors. Triple chocolate (Mmmmm).

     Three.  Is it that we can we only count that far these days? Or is America becoming a nation of shameless stutterers?

     Have Wii and WiFi and Twitter and Spaceface (I know, I know, I’m being sarcastic again) put us all into such a fast-track lifestyle that there’s simply no longer any time available for 4, 5, and 6? Or, AHA! It must be the attention span thing. We just don’t have it anymore.

     I mean who could  read a whole book now, when — instead — it’s possible to read eleven gazillion 140-character stories with the same number of eyeball numbing hours in front of your Twitter monitor? Why limit yourself, yes? 

     So, okay, we’ve narrowed it down.  3 works because we don’t want two (or is it we don’t want “three”) pay attention two (pay attention “three”) 4, and 2 doesn’t reach out and grab us by the belt buckle! So what’s a poor business owner two (ah, “three”) do?

     Shucks!  You mean it’s supposed to be to and not two? Well, three still stays three and not “Twee” unless you’re Elmer Fudd . . . now there’s a dateline incrimination!

     Start by realizing that repetition of thoughts and repetition of actions sell as well as repetition of the words we use,  and that there’s a thin line of acceptance (tolerance? Perhaps threelerance?) between 3 and 4.     

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