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     If you’re one of those theatrical entrepreneur types,  and you’re not getting the sales you deserve, you might want to consider trading in the Broadway-belt-it-out and marching band music, the 3-D glasses, dogs and ponies, and PowerPoint specials for a much higher-impact (and, btw, much less expensive) presentation tool. It’s called truth.

The times have changed.

The economy has changed.

The marketplace has changed.

Buying motives


have changed

(though they’re still emotionally-triggered, not rationally evaluated).

And sales prospects and repeat sales customers

are rapidly retreating from RAZZMATAZZ!

     Out- of-touch-with-reality car dealers and furniture dealers  are still tangled up in their underwear shooting 0ff desperation-anchored messages, thinking that s~o~m~e~h~o~w they will manage to come up with the magic super sensational presentation ingredient that will send hoards of people charging into the parking lots and showrooms. Those days are over.

     People want to buy products and services that speak the truth  to them about value and performance and potential. They want every sales presentation to tell them what’s in it for them, and they want it to be the truth. Smoke and mirrors are out. The truth is in.

     I don’t care if the truck I want is a gas guzzler  as long as I know that it is going in, and as long as it’s a reasonable gas guzzler in my mind, and as long as the sales rep is being honest about it with me . . . but don’t give me a big come-on and a spielful of exaggerations. I’m not interested in how it compares with a hybrid; I don’t want a hybrid. Just the truth will do.

     Oh, and you could have the best furniture price deal in 57 states,  or since the earth died from global warming, and give me fat rebates and 20 years to pay. You can plunk me in a lounge chair, give me a pino colada and have six beautiful women fan me and feed me grapes while I watch a 3-D revolving stage of perfect room settings.

     Each setting can be in perfect lighting  with perfect background music and perfect chocolate chip cookie smells wafting around perfect flower arrangements, and not only will it get you nowhere and cost you untold expenses, it will make me walk out . . . because all I wanted was a pair of nightstands that will look nice next to my bed.

     Sure I’ll drink the drink,  smile at the help and grab a flower on my way to the door, but I only wanted something I can put my glasses, alarm clock and a lamp on. The whole bedroom I don’t need. The time-wasting presentation I don’t want. Good-bye, Yellow Brick Road!      

     The truth.  The truth is that evasive, unfancy bit of product and service (and sales rep) authenticity that caters to me the customer and the evidence of performance that I’m looking for. It does mean, of course, that the sales rep IS going to have to listen to me and deal with my interests, instead of telling me about hers or his.

     I would never admit it, but I will probably still buy that truck because I think I look good driving it.  Of course I’m going to want to like the sales rep too for being honest with me, and I will certainly need some good list of features to wave in my green family’s faces to justify my purchase.

     The nightstands?  Give me good honest quality for a good price and make sure they look okay with the rest of my room. Please don’t waste my time or my brain with B.S. and a ton and a half of RAZZMATAZZ. It’ll cost you the sale. Besides, RAZZMATAZZ is dead!

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