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So, How Are You?

Tonight’s blog post (for the 2nd time this week!) is dedicated to my wonderful bride of 22 years, married at 10:10 on 10/10… and to me, she’s always been a perfect 10! I love you Kathy!        Happy 22nd! 

     When did you last  take stock of yourself? If it was more than a week ago, you’re missing the boat! I’ll bet you got asked “How are you?” at least a few times today.

     In fact, if it was fewer than a dozen times,  you are not getting out there on the front lines and dealing with customers and employees enough to boost your business up and over the economic disaster wall.

     Alright, so let’s get back  to the point: What kinds of answers do you usually give and get to this “HOW ARE YOU?” question that we all ask, and are asked every single day? Here are a few possibilities just to help you prime the mental pump a little:

“Good. You?” ~~~ “Fine, thanks!” ~~~ “Hey, ha-ha, y’never know, ha-ha!” ~~~ “Old and decrepit!” ~~~ “Erect!” ~~~ “Annoyed!” ~~~ “Fantastic!” ~~~ “Alive!” ~~~ “Vertical, which is better than horizontal, right? Ha-ha!” ~~~ “Super-Dooper!” ~~~ “Hot!” ~~~ “Cold!” ~~~ “Delirious!” ~~~ “Like scrambled eggs!” ~~~ “Angry!” ~~~ “Exhausted!” ~~~ “Freaked!” ~~~ “Not so great; yeah, y’see, I’ve got this…” ~~~ “Aggravated.” ~~~ “Miserable.” ~~~ “Drunk!” ~~~ “S t o n e d.” ~~~ “Ready!” ~~~ “Tired.” ~~~ No need to continue, right?

The bottom line is that:  

A) Nobody cares if you’re tired… or any of those other negative feelings. N-O-B-O-D-Y  C-A-R-E-S. 

B) Whatever you offer as an answer is YOUR CHOICE! 

C) Anything less than “GREAT!” (even if you don’t feel it, don’t mean it, and have a hard time bringing yourself around to say it) will cost you business.

     Why?  Customers don’t want to deal with negative attitude businesses and business owners.

     Employees want  to believe that because you are the leader you are always positive and exuberant about the ways you deal with yourself and others. They want some of the positive attitude magic to rub off on them.

     You are their surrogate parent!  If you don’t evidence positiveness 100% of the time, you risk losing their commitment, loyalty, and dedicated job performance. 

     And suppliers  who deal with negative customers (determined in a large way by how you respond to that daily “How are you?” question) will bad-mouth you to others (including customers) and drag your business under.

     So you have to lie?  No, you have to sound and act positive all the time because it motivates others to support your efforts, be your team, and follow your lead.

     And guess what?  Acting and sounding positive will actually end up making you positive… and your business will be more productive and more successful!   

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