When to fire a client!

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When you’re getting screwed…

  • Scenario A.  You bust your butt to provide the Smashface Cosmetics Company with superior package designs. Your performance exceeds their expectations and definite sales can even be traced to your efforts. . . They thank you and tell you that they’ll not be honoring your agreed-to fees, and you’ll have to accept a 30% cut because “as you know, times are tough right now”! 
  • Scenario B.  The Breaka Ubones Surgery Group thanks you for putting in 20 hours a week (instead of the contracted 10) to develop their medical practice, but you haven’t delivered them enough hip and knee replacements in the past 30 days and they need the fee they’re paying you for a golf sponsorship.
  • Scenario C.  Your management/marketing consulting input resulted in the Half- Moon-Half-Hour-Room-Rental Motel purchasing 14 new mattresses that are now bedbug infested. It’s your fault, they say, and they refuse to honor your management consulting fee until all the bedbugs are gone, and even then, only if you do them a free website upgrade and revise their brochure.
  • Scenario D.   You get an audience with a major company that asks for rush help launching a new product. You do a quick come back with a comprehensive startup plan. They thank you then issue a RFP to four of your competitors for the same job. . . You ask to be included. They agree. You work for three full days, produce a ten-page proposal that works (at 30% lower fee than others propose). They hire a firm that gives them a fancy presentation, and then ask you to submit ideas for another project.





T H E Y    D O N ‘ T    D E S E R V E    Y O U .


     Besides, they’ll make you broke,  and they’ll never respect you anyway. Get rid of them. Walk away. And unless your brother is a great business lawyer, forget about pursuing legal action. Just take it on the chin, and walk. Of course you can afford to let them go. How affordable is it for you to continue? Use the time and energy you save to go get a new client!

     There comes a point where your time and energy are not worth the hunt.  And you need to be able to drop the deal and move on to other people and situations where you can make a difference and where your input will be respected. Integrity always finds its reward!

     Life is too short  to waste time and energy on stupid people with hidden agendas. 

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