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     It’s already September.  If your business is going to survive the year, you’d better get on the stick! Counting holidays, you’ve only got about 70 business days left in the year! Now is the time to hustle your butt! With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Jewish holiday slowdown periods thrown in, you’re looking at super crunch time.

     This impending brain drain  is only going to be worse if you’re starting to feel like the economy has clobbered you into la-la land (and you don’t even live near Los Angeles!), and you and your business are getting stale.

     You’re trying? BS!  Stop trying and DO something about it! Hold a garage sale! You will get such a rude awakening by forcing yourself (and neighbors, if you’re the energetic type) to face up to the realities a garage sale produces:

  • agreeing  with yourself to let go of prized possessions for a fraction of the prices you paid

  • collecting  all these items together from every corner of your home

  • pricing  and labeling each item

  • picking  appropriate hours, obtaining necessary permits, and scheduling your life accordingly

  • promoting  and advertising with posters, local newspaper ads, flyers and signs

  • moving  your complete inventory into your driveway or yard or garage 

  • making  sure you have enough change and single dollar bills on hand     

  • displaying  your inventory in the most appealing manner (and, heartily recommended, writing an informative or enticing headline for each major piece you offer for sale

  • dealing  with garage sale “professionals” who will come knocking at your door 30-60 minutes before your announced time — an interruption you can count on even if you advertise 6am; they’ll show up with flashlights; set your coffeemaker for 4:30am

  • smiling  and greeting every visitor like a long lost cousin without being too pushy or too salesy

  • moving  and rearranging items to keep most enticing-looking items up front and to keep table surfaces constantly filled

  • accepting  that some people will rip you off by short-changing you and/or by outright stealing stuff when your back is turned — and that it’s generally best to bite the bullet and ignore these incidents by reminding yourself how desperate or deranged an individual has to be to be trying to make off with an extra dollar and a quarter’s worth of junk

  • returning  unpurchased merchandise without feeling rejected

  • inventorying  your sore feet and back, as you count up your meager profits


     If this experience  doesn’t turn you and your business attitude into a fresh new direction overnight, I’d be astonished. The experience of being the whole business and making all decisions and responding instantly and keeping positive customer relations as you make sales, is enlightening to say the least.

     The awareness’s  and perspectives you gain will shed new light on your business and freshen up the approach you’re taking to make the rest of this year work FOR you! 


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