My “Silent Partner” Starts Anew!

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Our beloved “geek” 


gets married today!


     After something like 18 years  of loyal service, including middle of the night emergencies, our beloved computer guru, Michael Todd Infusino, is embarking on a new life with his marriage to (God Bless Her!) Naomi “Nomie” Nomura.

     Nomie is the sweetest thing  that’s ever happened to Michael, and we are so happy for them both that they have found each other! (It’s like Pepperoni Sushi!)

     Michael is the genius  responsible for creating and maintaining this great blog site, as well as my business site

     Michael has been a gift from the heavens  because — without Michael to kick around — there would be no blog!

     Just imagine:  you would be staring vacantly at your screen wondering what else in the world you could possibly find to replace this wonderful “boost your butt and your business” site six days a week! (Of course you would find nothing; it’d be like your favorite TV show going off the air… maybe 30 seconds of respectful silence? Aaah, but this isn’t about blogs!)

     What this is REALLY all about is that Kathy and I are headed off to Michael and Nomie’s wedding,  and we just wanted the rest of the world to know what truly fine human beings these two young people are, and that we’re very proud of them and pleased for their decision to share one another’s strengths.

     It’s been a pleasure to know them as individuals, and it will be an even greater pleasure to know them as husband and wife (wife and husband? Hmmm.)



Hal & Kathy

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