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“Leadership is not just telling people what you want… it is getting people to do what you need them to do.”

— JON ALTERMAN, Senior Fellow, Center for Strategic & International Studies

     I’ve often told the story  that’s now regarded as classic leadership style about (Pre-U.S. President) General Dwight David Eisenhower, during WWII, when he was addressing a group of his officers at a makeshift table on the battlefield with a piece of string.

     He first pushed the string  across the table with thumb and forefinger and demonstrated the end result being a tangle. Next he took the end of the string between the same two fingers and shook it a bit before gently pulling it, demonstrating the straight-line formation of the string… and made his point clearly that troops who were pulled by their leader would perform better than those the leader pushed.

     Are you pulling or pushing?


     You own or manage a business  and are solely responsible for motivating your troops. You set the example. If you are pushing people, others below you are pushing people. Pushed people get resentful and become uncooperative.

     If you are stepping out onto the front lines  and pulling others along, you will be more likely to gain and retain the respect and loyalty of those below you who you are pulling. They will believe in you and trust you and follow you.

     This thinking and approach  is as critical at the very top levels of federal and state and local government as it is in multinational corporations and in Mom & Pop retail stores. Small business is not immune from Eisenhower-style leadership. In fact, it’s the place to ignite the kinds of larger, global applications that will eventually bolster world economy.

     I know, you’re more worried about your family right now,  right?. Then start focusing more on “getting people to do what you need them to do” by pulling instead of pushing.

     It matters not  that you sell pizza, luxury automobiles, chickens, well-drilling, website designs, media advertising, crabs, healthcare services, insurance, pickles, legal services, clothing, or real estate.

What matters is that you keep working every single day at making your leadership style better because the solidity of your customer base is only as good as the day-to-day performance of your employees, and your employee performance is only as good as the constant attention you give to the kind of leadership you provide.

Your leadership speaks of your integrity.

Your integrity is your brand!  

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