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I was down, but now I’m up,


cause the book is out . . .


and the book came in!


     And it’s even better than I imagined.  I couldn’t be more pleased than to be in the company of such warm-hearted and talented authors as are represented in the new Nightengale Press book THE ART OF GRANDPARENTING.

     It’s a terrific collection  of essays and short stories. Included is an engaging short story I’ve written about a Grandpa’s visit from his Granddaughter. You have  been hearing my horn toots for weeks on end, and the book is now officially born. If you’ve ever even thought about grandparenting, this collection will charm the socks off of you.

     If you are a grandparent,  or have a grandparent, or are about to become a grandparent, or are on the cusp of making someone a grandparent (!), get this book. It is  warm, witty, enlightening, laughable and provocative. It is all about grandparenting in today’s life, about not tsk-tsking kids for text messaging, but knowing what “txtmsging” means (along with LOL and W8 and <3 and ;<).

     It’s about the challenging,  undefined, and ever-changing role of providing value systems, camaraderie, spiritual support, encouragement and challenge without overstepping bounds or compromising parental control, without risking parental jealousy or being an annoyance. It’s about walking a thin line of leadership influence and letting your presence (note, not presents!) do the talking.  

     Am I excited about this? Does a baby need a diaper change? Sunday (9/13) is Grandparent’s Day. There couldn’t be a nicer way to express appreciation or honor a grandparent you know —anytime from Sunday, forward— with a copy of this refreshing new book. [Ordering details below]

     We’ll get back to business as usual  (if there is such a thing) tomorrow. Right now, I’m happily signing the first shipment of forty sold copies, while looking forward to sending one your way soon.

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