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When you find one, let him go!


     Hatching a business that hatches a business may seem like a lot of hatching, but is it? Isn’t that what entrepreneurs thrive on? I’ve always thought one of the most endearing (and maddening) traits of an entrepreneur is that she reinvents herself about as often as the sun rises.

     Why do you think that is?

     Because she can, some would answer, or–in other words– entrepreneurs have more freedom to swing so they do. But a truer assessment would probably revolve around the innovative thought patterns that jump from one thing to another.

     Entrepreneurs are not typically great planners. Planning is for corporate muckity-mucks who need to justify their existences. And don’t those poor souls live to justify themselves? Entrepreneurs live for the next venture. Often these occur within the very depths of the existing venture, and VOILA! New business is born!

     But don’t get the wrong idea here. Entrepreneurs are not the wild, out-of-control risk takers Hollywood would have us believe (but then, nothing on Earth is probably farther from reality than those out-of-touch “stars”  the media sells us). Entrepreneurs, as chance would have it, take only reasonable risks.

     What this means is that we might be keeping a jaundiced eye (yucht!) on a venturesome friend or relative and thinking he had gone off the deep end, and is on the precipice of colossal failure, and quickly grab him by the shirtsleeve and try to pull him back from the edge.

     But, no! Not only does this reckless friend or relative disregard our grasping and shouting, he actually gets resentful, like we were blocking sidewalk passage or something.

     Entrepreneurs, true entrepreneurs thrive on precipice balancing. It’s part of what will lead them to the next big opportunity. And here’s the catch: It just LOOKS reckless to us because most of us don’t parachute out of planes or surf Hawaii’s giant waves.

     But TRUE entrepreneurs are in control of their fates, have a firm idea of direction; they don’t worry about finish lines; they look for every option and opportunity; they risk only what appears likely to succeed, and never as recklessly as most of us probably imagine.

     When you find one, let him go!  

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