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Is Your Business Jogging In Place?


Accountants and lawyers  (UGH! What a combination!) will quickly tell you that your company is a legal entity that needs to be thought of as a separate and distinct individual.

So, okay,  why should a company be any different than a person when it comes to cultivating and maintaining good health? Like, what could possibly be better for your business than to feed it nutritious meals?

  And while you’re at it,  make sure it gets a good night’s sleep as often as possible… but minus the pills; just turn out the lights. You might also see to it that it does the prescribed number and reps of bench presses, and that it jogs a couple of miles and swims a few laps every day.

  Some good head-clearing  cross-country runs beat jogging in place, by the way, and the swimming? Hey, it’s the best total exercise there is, with no pressure on backs, knees… or computers, file cabinets, copy machines and elevators.

Of course you also know,  while we’re on this subject of general health—-the ubiquitous variety, not some empty-suit czar called “General” —-that certain bad habits can do in even the most fiercely determined health and fitness efforts. You do know this. Stuff like smoking and alcohol or drug dependency will knock the greatest Olympian out of competition.

Sooooo,  why would you allow your business to develop destructive dependencies? Just because you hear other business owners moan and groan about the econ0my doesn’t mean you should be tossing in the towel anymore than that you should take up heavy drinking and drugs because your business is a couple of blocks away from a rehab center.


     Your business needs exercise!


Take it for a walk,  play Frisbee with it (no computer games; those babies are already over-burdened), go bowling. Air the place out. Periodic housekeeping is a good thing. Overhauling policies and procedures is an invigorating experience. Changing hours, suppliers, responsibilities, terms, and hats are all events that represent a clearing of the decks.

When new business  isn’t in your face, you need to be getting ready for it. Your company needs a little tree -shaking to let the nuts fall out. Sure, tree-shaking is good exercise. Anything you can do to work up a little sweat…

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