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… not the “beaten” path,


nor the one “less taken”


     When the last time you took a brand new business path? A new product launch? A new line or service extension? A new revenue stream? A new employment position? A new set of objectives, strategies, tactics? A new mission statement? A new vision statement? A new business start up?

     Was it successful? Did you bite the dust? What did you learn from it? Did you manage to stir up a lot of excitement that produced no payoff? Did you drag your butt into the thing and be greeted with enthusiasm personified? Did you charge at it head down and get a concussion when that wall came at you from out of nowhere?

     As any jungle-dweller will readily attest(and, yes, it IS a jungle out there!) taking a new path often requires the help of a machete and a whole lot of adrenaline. This means you may need to be ruthless as a fruit tree pruner in swinging that sword to create your path or passageway.

     Clinging to old practices won’t help you now anymore than a crank-up rotary dial phone and a ream of carbon paper (if you don’t know what either of these are, you are probably a reckless, young entrepreneur who doesn’t have any old practices to cling to anyway, and you might as well go zoom off to Facebook right now . . . or something).

     On the other hand, if you’re a bit older than the txtmsg generation and you’re a true entrepreneur who’s only willing to take reasonable risks, and you’re sincerely committed to launching a successful venture, OPEN YOUR MIND.

     Be receptive to all the people, places, and things that –until now– you would never have considered worthy of your time and attention. Why? Because some of the world’s greatest ideas… the ones that really put a new venture over the top… come from forcing yourself to think differently!

     A fleeting exposure to yoga, or a snorkeling or grocery-shopping trip, or an hour of playing on the floor with a baby or a puppy, or telling your least favorite brother-in-law that you love him! You’d be surprised at the doors that your open mind will open if you’ll just give it the chance!

     You’ve come this far, isn’t it worth a short experiment to put your brain in a completely opposite/foreign situation/environment –even for an hour– to see if something clicks that can put your venture over the top. Of course it is! Don’t cheat yourself of a great possibility. OPEN MINDS OPEN DOORS!          

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