Today May Be Your Last Independence Day!

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Is your independence


going down the toilet?


     What better subject on Independence Day than our right to independent choice of healthcare coverage? But, STOP! Don’t click off! This concerns YOU, Dear Mr. or Ms. Entrepreneurially-Minded Business Leader!

     Mr. Obama (He’s only “Mr.” until he proves his citizenship) wants YOU and every other American to be required to buy a health insurance policy… regardless of whether you want it, whether you need it, or whether you can afford it. [Just imagine, if you can, what’s coming next if he gets his way with this. NON-Union Business survival? Right. Good luck!]

     Now get this reasoning: He says it’s the same thing as motorists being required to buy auto insurance.



     You want to argue this? Go find me the place in our Constitution or our Bill of Rights that says the Federal Government has the authority to require the purchase of a health insurance policy as a condition of having been born!

     You think that’s a ridiculous exaggeration? Then tell me: WHERE IS FREEDOM when the Federal Government has the power to tell you how to spend after-tax dollars? What distinguishes disposable income from taxes?

     As for the proposal that the IRS be charged with fining citizens who do not purchase a health insurance policy, since the Federal Government just prints more paper money to pay debt, why is taxation or the IRS even necessary? Just shut down the IRS and transfer its budget to indigent care! [And won’t that satisfy all the screaming liberals?]

[With special appreciation for the inspiration and some of the wording to  “BenDoubleCrossed” editorial contributor to the June 26th Larchmont (NY) Gazette]

    Before you jump to defend Mr. Obama on this issue, you should know that I speak from more years of healthcare business experience (including five years of National Committee of Quality Health Care membership, authorship of hundreds of healthcare-related articles, and two major books for and about doctors) than he has spent in a lifetime government career.

     His proposals are barking up the wrong tree. And he is continuing to alienate business and industry leaders, in whose hands rest the nation’s only hope for economic recovery! 

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