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12 Hugs + 20 Thank You’s


+ Deep Breaths + an Apple!


     You already know all the reasons and rewards for offering frequent “thank you’s.” And you’ve probably heard the late great author / counselor / family therapist Virginia Satir say that it takes 12 hugs a day to be an emotionally-healthy person. The apple? Hey, we all like to keep the doctor away.

     And, oh, yeah, the deep breaths? Go here for one minute to get the whole scoop: http://halalpiar.com/2009/05/4-steps-in-one-minute-zero-stress/

     Well, I’m convinced Virginia was right about the hugs. (Try ’em; you’ll like ’em!) And even though I’m not yet late or great, I am an author and I have been a counselor and family therapist.

     So, I propose that we add to that apple, and deep breathing and Virginia’s daily hug regimen. I propose that we also need to say “Thank You!” at least 20 times a day to live life to its fullest. 20? Sure. Why not? Think that’s too hard? (If you do, you think too much!) 

     Besides, only self-centered, disingenuous grinches say “Thank You!” fewer than 2o times a day! Are you one of those grumpy grouches? Well, “Thank You!” for being honest.

     Want to stomp out that bad attitude? Go to the store (or even better, get out some paper, glue and markers) and put together twenty “Thank You!” cards. Sign them and send or pass them out to twenty special someone’s (or one special someone twenty times).

     Your little two-word messages will light up eyes and thumpity-thump hearts and make smiles out of frowns. Send out one a day and then you need only do 19 “Thank You’s” a day for twenty days. Or ten… Or send them all at once and stay in bed for the day! 

     When’s the last time you sent a sincere, personal and personally-signed “Thank You” card to a customer? To a vendor? To an employee? To a referral source? To a maintenance person? To your family (who suffer through your business dedication every day)?

     Oh, one last thought: What’s the first thing you feel or think about when someone gives you a sincere, personal “Thank You!”?  

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