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The 3% Sales Factor


     Some interesting information came my way from my strategic alliance partner, Andrew Jackson (no relation to the past president, the twenty-dollar bill, the famous Stonewall, or the recently-deceased entertainer). Andrew is the bright young founding CEO of

     It seems, he says, that less than 3% of all online businesses actually make money through their websites. That’s a staggering statistic, even if he’s wildly wrong and happened to be missing a zero after the 3, which he’s not. But, you know what? I started thinking about this, and have concluded that once again, Andrew is right!

     And do you know why? Because all the great graphic designs in the world will not sell what a website offers (unless it’s selling great graphic designs!) as effectively as a few choice words of GREAT COPYWRITING.

     On the Internet, a great word is worth a thousand pictures when it comes to sales. Now, don’t be confused with those fabulous emails we’ve all seen filled with spectacular visuals of amazing jugglers and 3-D artists and talented nature photographers. That’s not the same thing.

     I’m talking about online business website sales!

     So, this thought process prompted me to add a new tab on the top right of this page titled “The 3% Sales Factor.” If you’re curious about the subject of increasing Internet sales and what GREAT COPYWRITING is really all about, try it. You’ll like it.      

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