Marketers who “get it,” engage imagination!

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“People go only to places


they have already been


in their minds.”

Roy Williams, The Wizard of Ads

     Just when you think you’ve thought about it all, along comes another thought, but–as the above quote suggests–the human body will only go where the human mind has journeyed repeatedly already. Purchases only happen when people have or believe they have already owned the product or service.

     What does this mean for business owners, managers, entrepreneurs, PR people and publicists, marketers, salespeople, advertisers, branders, website developers, promoters, communicators, media and management consultants?

     First of all, something we’ve said here a hundred times: Repetition Sells! Repetition Sells! Repetition Sells! Repetition Sells! Repetition Sells! (okay, a hundred and five times!) But what else?

Every purchase

is the result of an

emotional trigger!

     In any form of selling, marketing, advertising, communication, if your goal relates to persuasion, then your process is limited to some form or combination of forms earmarked by approaches that hinge on educating, entertaining, boring, screaming, or seducing…engaging the imagination.

     A couple of three-little-words examples: “It’s in you” and “I’m lovin’ it” both sounded like retarded campaign theme messages when they first came out, didn’t they? Do you remember saying: “It”? What the heck is “It”? Ah, but look at what “It” has accomplished. What’s the old expression: “Say something often enough…”? (Spare me saying the RS words 106 times)

     Okay, so where do we start with the imagination seduction stuff? One way may be to take a lesson from stage and screen actors…and WHISPER! What happens next? People lean forward in their seats. What an envious position to have a prospect in, for delivering your sales pitch.

     And what else? Great pictures are great, but they don’t sell! They plant images in the mind that allow words to rush in with for the kill. (With apologies to all my artist and designer friends): One great word is worth a thousand pictures. Think of the artwork/words thing as a one-two punch.

[And if you’re reading this, looking for input about the importance of words in websites, click the 3% tab on the top right of this page!]

     Seduction is the name of the game. Every purchase is the result of an emotional trigger! A past president of Revlon once confided in me that they weren’t selling hair-coloring products, they were selling “the promise of sex to single, young girls.”

     Great, you say, some products can sell themselves anyway; it’s selling intangible services that presents the real challenge. Y’know what? That’s true. And it’s all the more reason that service-based businesses–especially–need professional marketing and professional copywriting help.

     Contrary to the “step-in-and-out-of-the-closet-with-the-magic-idea-and-words” concept that many have, professional marketing and professional copywriting are time-intensive pursuits.

     Both functions require considerable experience and exceptional skill. Don’t cut corners on finding and securing this kind of talent. Not everyone  can make “It” such a big-selling word! 

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