Economic Recovery? Who’s Kidding Whom?

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The Emperor’s New Clothes!


     On the heels of begging Mr. Biden to stop hallucinating with his feebly unfounded economic turnaround braggioso, I turn to yesterday’s summary from U.S. News & World Report, another self-proclaimed mainstream media source of business acumen and salvation, and can only shout HOORAY!

     Now we can finally all stop being nervous and worried (frantic?) about the sick economy that our nation’s financial giants have birthed and nurtured because according to USN&WR, things are in fact getting better, just as Pal Joey would have us believe in his comments earlier this week, telling us to “just look around!” to see all the business rebounds and job creation that’s going on.

     Well, don’t you know, USN&WR has happily substantiated Mr. Biden’s claims with some hard-nosed assessments that all small business owners everywhere must by now be jumping up and down about.

     “We’re seeing some signs of the economy turning the corner” says USN&WR. WOW! I respond, and hungrily devour the article, searching out some hook to hang my hat on. Ah, and what to my wondrous eyes does appear, but six organizations that give me such hope, I had to run to throw up!

     Here, says USN&WR, take this: Positive financial news is surfacing from none other than these six entities that USN&WR no doubt considers representative for all of us:

  • Goldman Sachs
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • CitiGroup
  • Bank of American
  • CIT
  • The Federal Reserve

     Oh, my heavens! Such great news from these six. Can we in small business be far behind?

     Duh. Yes.

     When did the struggling farmer, retailer, transporter, wholesaler, distributor, construction firm, manufacturer, tourism-based business, and all the rest of us who actually work for a living have anything in common with the big business muckity-mucks who own and operate these monster wheeler-dealer corporations?

     When did their revenues and projections ever have anything to do with the reality of making a living based on the price of or market for corn, or shipping, or a decent hotel room?

     Where exactly is small business in this flurry of mixed economic messages? Why is the government sitting on it’s hands? Why is small business, the last remaining hope for economic turnaround through job creation, being disregarded?

     Why is small business seeing nothing more than tokenism fro government?

     Could it possibly be that union purchases of the presidency now need to be repaid in political favors to the exclusion of survival that only small business job creation has the capability of spearheading?

     Have we become so sick a nation that political IOUs have become more important than our hands, our hearts, our minds… our families? Let’s get real, mass media. The government surely isn’t!     

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