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Are you professional, or


are you A professional?


     Many people are professional in mind, body, spirit and/or the ways they conduct themselves at work as employees of businesses that sell products and multi-provider services.

     For those who fit this description, congratulations, but you should probably hit the road here because –tonight– I am only interested in the other kinds of professionals… those who have nothing to sell except their personal knowledge and/or skill services.

     You know who you are because you’re still reading.

     You are a self-employed one-man-band or one woman-band.

You are a sole-practitionerdoctor, dentist, chiropractor, nurse practitioner, writer, painter, craftsperson, psychologist, designer, photographer, illustrator, teacher, consultant, lawyer, accountant, architect, “middleman” agent (individual insurance and real estate folks, for example), athlete, coach, massage therapist, physical therapist, speech pathologist, occupational therapist, musician, entertainer, computer guru. More? I’m sure I missed a few.  

     Here’s the economy deal we (I am a writer/consultant) are all struggling with:

  • None of us have a warehouse full of products or, in fact, any inventory; None of us have a string of partners or bank of phone or computer operators.
  • We can’t wake up, go to bed, or eat lunch with the rest of the world. Most of us work evenings and weekends. Sick days? Vacations? Huh?
  • There is just so much of each of us to go around, and to make the most of on any given day, so the issue is not so much the economy as it is productivity. Is this ringing any bells?
  • Productivity reduces itself to how we make the most of our time. Time management is an essential skill. Prioritizing is an essential skill. Money management is an essential skill. Creating new revenue streams is part of that.
  • And, of course, stress management may be the most important of all skills because it allows us to do or prohibits us from doing all the rest.

     If you’re trapped in this vicious circle of having no time for time management, and too much stress for stress management, and you’re wound up trying to get water from a stone, STOP already! Take inventory of your SELF!

     It’s really okay to step back for 5 minutes of your life and think about where you are and where you’re going. Go ahead. I’ll wait. Start by taking some deep breaths:  [This 4-step, ONE-MINUTE technique works!]

     Good! Now, go look in the mirror, ANY mirror. If you are satisfied with what you see, get back to work, thank you for your time, and goodnight.

     If you don’t like the face staring back at you:  1) Start MAKING time for time management by tuning into priorities and asking for help (with anything you can ask someone for) to take away some of the time-eaters. 2)  WORK at your breathing until it’s not work!  3) Eliminate excuses.  4) Do it now! 5) Remember that your behavior is your choice.

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Input aways welcome: (”Businessworks” in    subject line) or comment below. Thanks for visiting. Go for your goals, good night and God bless you! halalpiar  

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