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 When “Not Enough”


is “Too Much”


and “Too Much”


is “Not Enough”!


     Partnerships are seldom what many think they are. People without business experience think of two tough guys who both have their shoulders to the wheel and are pushing their business enterprise forward with equal effort and dedication. Reality check: Doesn’t happen!

     First of all, based on firsthand exposure to many hundreds of partnerships — professional as well as menial, glamorous as well as boring, and adversarial as well as loving, business partners are more often than not opposites in personality, financial stability, educational background, and often age.

[“Family Partnerships” will be explored separately in an upcoming blog post]

     In my experience, it’s unusual when partners actually like each other (including many who also share marriage or significant-other relationships), but they almost inevitably defend one another to outsiders.

     Doctors, incidentally, do this instinctively, and will (unlike “HOUSE” and “ER” and “Grey’s Anatomy”) rarely if ever turn on one another when the chips are down, even when one knows the other is wrong. That’s doctors.

     It’s their job to further the causes of humanity and of those who share the Hippocratic Oath. They’ll whine and complain and throw scalpels, but if it’s really called for, they’ll often take one for the team. 

     Lawyers, on the other hand, will almost always –given the choice– go for the throat. It’s their job to be adversarial. The minute they befriend another lawyer, they’ll end up suddenly facing one another in the courtroom the next morning. They may be entertaining as golfers, but stay alert; they don’t always yell FORE!

     Enough of these big money guys. Let’s focus on the down-in-the-trenches partners who run physical labor businesses, or who provide services FOR the doctors and lawyers, or who came together because they both (or more than two) hated the stagnant company or boss they worked for, and one or both or more had a better idea.

     Not pulling enough weight–responsibility–is often too much mentally, physically, emotionally for the partner(s) who carry(ies) the lion’s share (finances, work hours, productivity, sales, customer service, product/service development, etc.).

     The lack of shared commitment or workload easily ends up taxing the relationship(s) beyond where either is (any are) comfortable. You can imagine where things go from there.

     Pulling too much too fast is just as bad.

     Is this any different than how you treat your body? What’s missing in these examples? Balance? Ah, balance. That elusive, invisible, intangible quality that keeps us all sane…or at least a quart or two short of lunacy.

     Without balance, our bodies go into negative stress overload and produce illness, accidents, and death. Without balance, our families become distant and dysfunctional. Without balance, business partners march to different drummers and businesses literally fall apart at the seams.

     So, what can we do to short-circuit lack of balance from taking its toll? Start with ourselves. Figure out where we are so can get a better idea of where we’re going. Decide if where we’re going is where we want (or need, in order to survive) to go.

     Communicate about these ideas to family and friends AND to partners. AND LISTEN! Partners may hate one another, but they share mutual investments in one another and that counts for something. Relationship history alone dictates the need for open discussion with set (not hidden) agendas.

Balance only comes when you can put one foot in front of the other and focus on each step instead of the finish line. 

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