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Together Everyone Achieves More

–World Renown Olympic Gymnast Coach Bela Karoli

Q. Why invest money, time, and energy in leadership and teamwork training now, in this sucky economy, when everyone knows that management and staff training programs are not bottom-line contributing factors?

A. A rudderless boat in calm seas can drift quietly and aimlessly along for long periods of time and remain relatively safe. The same boat in stormy seas hasn’t a chance. Today’s global economy is anchored in stormy seas.

It takes leadership and teamwork to keep your vessel — even with a rudder– upright enough to conquer raging tides and currents. Without leadership, there can be no teamwork. Without teamwork, there can be no leadership. Training provides the opportunity to strengthen both essential traits.

Oh, and though it may be no more discernible than the many intangible factors that contribute to sales and profits, training does in fact, by the way, add significantly to the bottom line. Look at the businesses that have fallen victim to the economy and you’ll find organizations that discontinued or discounted training or did too little too late. If you find any exception, I’d love to know about it.

Q. Why pay for training people in skills they should instinctively possess anyway?

A. Just because you hire or retain people with leadership and teamwork track-records from good economic times, is no insurance that they’ll evidence these roles when called upon in adverse circumstances. There are probably skills you once evidenced in earlier career situations that you no longer maintain either. It is not true that once a leader, always a leader.

Q. Who is to say what makes for effective leadership and team training?

A. We are. All of us who are involved. Owners and managers as well as staff. We all need refreshers and reminders and positive encouragement to resurrect and polish up the qualities and abilities and attitudes that are instinctively present in our personality and character make-ups. Plus…”No man is an island,” my Father used to say.

Q. Why do some say training must be ongoing?

A. Ongoing efforts serve to refresh, remind, invigorate, teach, and put things in proper and positive perspective. One-night stands do not a marriage make. Remember that the average adult today is reported to have a less than 12-minute attention span. The values of training without follow-up and continuing efforts will dissolve away over a few weeks, days in many cases. We humans need booster shots. And frequent short sessions are more productive than infrequent long ones. Follow up a weekend retreat with some short weekly meetings and reminder efforts.

There are plenty of studies confirming that leadership and teamwork training produce increased productivity and that increased productivity produces increased profits. Training must be viewed as an investment in maintaining a competitive edge. No training is an investment in the status quo. Corporate Entrepreneurship Training is an investment in thinking and doing that’s smarter, quicker, more profitable, more productive, and more fun!

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