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Living in a monastery…you have more opportunities than you might have elsewhere to see the world as it is, instead of through the shadow that you cast upon it.”    

(From BROTHER ODD by one of my favorite authors, Dean Koontz)

     Being in the driver’s seat of your own business, you have more opportunities than you could ever have elsewhere to see your company, your organization, and the products and services you offer as they truly exist, instead of through your own biased eyes.

     How? By asking! Ask everyone you speak with every day—staff, customers, vendors, sales reps, your landlord, competitors, your mother-in-law. Well, okay, maybe you can skip your mother-in-law.

     Ask each person what she or he thinks of your company, your products and services, your people, your reputation, your community involvement, your pricing. Stop being afraid of what you think you might hear. Respect and appreciate honest answers. Every answer can help you be more successful! 

     Carry and use a pocket notebook. You remember notebooks? Those covered pads you write in with a pen (or heaven forbid, a pencil)? Make it your mission to collect feedback, suggestions, ideas, opinions, comments (WITHOUT reacting, rebutting, arguing, yes-butting, or defending; simply absorb them), and then DO SOMETHING WITH THEM!

     Separate and categorize what you collect. Consolidate the ones that are similar or that somehow tie together. Ask yourself what you’re learning in the process: “What I’m learning right now about myself and my business is__________”  is the statement to complete and bombard yourself with as many times a  day as possible.

     This is an especially good exercise to do when you’re wading knee-deep through boring conference calls and meetings, during commutes (unless you’re driving!) and while waiting for appointments or transportation.

     Process the information you write down. Honestly consider what you are in fact actually learning about yourself and your business. When you do, you will be taking a giant step toward rocket-boosting your creative mind, accelerating your own professional growth and development, and igniting the business initiatives you’ve always wished you could set fire to… but never had the fuse or the fuel to work with. Now you do.

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