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You Expected Maybe Sales?


You’ve put in the time, effort and money and got yourself a website for your business. YEA! But nothing’s happening with your website. BOO! You advertise your website. YEA! But you’re still not getting any sales action. BOO! You hire a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) person. YEA! Nothing. BOO! Then maybe you even hire another SEO person because you figure the first one was just a doo-dah. YEA!

     Then reality sets in. The vast majority (my personal opinion based on experiences with dozens of clients) of SEO and “analytics” deals are smoke and mirror acts! And the bottom line is that either A) YOU will learn and do what you have to learn and do yourself to make your website work the way you want it to, or B) you must ferret out a reliable person who can do it for you without wasting time, money, and energy on overkill analyzing that does not produce sales.

     At least you now know that –unless you’re looking for a shrink for your dysfunctional website and are willing to pay shrink rates for perpetuity session or engagement arrangements– you can eliminate SEO and “Analytics” people from consideration.

     What’s wrong with SEO and Analytics “experts”? They will never be able to help you create the kinds of support programs you need to boost your site exposure and activate the content enough to rally site visit increases and sales.

     They suck you into believing that only they can analyze and interpret what you yourself can analyze and interpret if you apply yourself…assuming you see some intrinsic value in that to start with. 

     And when all’s said and done, analysis and interpretation will not make website sales. Sure you can play the “keyword” and “key phrase” and “sitemap”games and maybe punch your way up the search engine rankings ladder a rung or two for a week or two, but odds are you’ll end up spending an insane amount of money to achieve even this minimal short-lived progress.

     Better, far better, is to find yourself an expert at writing and re-writing site content, and pay for those services. Your time is better spent doing what you need to do to run your business. Plus, writing effectively and persuasively for the Internet and marketing support materials takes special skills. 

     You need someone who understands your business, who listens carefully to what you want to express about your business, who understands marketing and has a proven track-record in marketing, who knows how to make the most out of your message, and who can write and edit and re-write your homepage and landing pages, who can create promotional support materials, and add or enhance a blog for you.

     A blog? Why do you need a blog? It allows you to “converse” with your customers and prospects in a timely, relaxed manner that promotes ongoing dialogue and customer feedback. It gives your site a personality and makes your site more professional. It’s free!

     Blog activity (even once or twice a week) stimulates site activity. Search engine spiders reward site activity with bump-ups in their rankings. You get more visitors…and, assuming your site mechanics are set up to maximize conversion of visits to sales (which you can accomplish without high-priced “experts”), increased site visits produce increased sales!        

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