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Don’t Blabber Your Goals!


     You probably just went through some wrenching exercises to create or recreate your business and/or personal goals. You defined your problem in writing. Then you turned your problem statement into a pursuit statement. 

     Perhaps, for example, you started with a problem statement like “Sales are down 20% last quarter” and took it to a goal statement like “We are increasing sales 20% next quarter by introducing a new revenue stream and reinforcing existing customer accounts with added support services.”

     Or maybe your goal is a personal one, and you took it from a problem statement like “I am feeling increasingly edgy around my family” to a goal statement like “I am learning and regularly practicing two new approaches to stress management so, by the end of next month, I can better control my upset feelings at family gatherings.”

     Next, you applied ALL fournecessary criteria to your goal statement to make sure it was/is: 1) Specific, 2) Realistic, 3) Flexible, and 4) Due-dated. You did this because you know that without ALL four criteria, you don’t have a goal; you have only a wish, and you know that wishes live only in nonproductive fantasyland. (Notice too the goal statement examples are in the present tense of you having already accomplished them to help visualize them in your mind as done deals.)

     And you’re on your way . . .

     Congratulations, but don’t blow it by blabbering to others about your goals! Most other people, first of all (and sadly) do not have real goals, do not understand goal-setting, and do not believe that having goals actually works. Most people would rather wallow in self-pity and go nowhere in life. So you know where it will get you to tell this sluggish majority what you are in pursuit of achieving.

     Second, keep in mind that even when you run across someone in your immediate life who does think goals can work, and perhaps has a few herself, you are putting your goals at risk by sharing them because that other person –even with all good intentions– simply does not walk in your shoes or live in your head, and your goals may seem intimidating, annoying, overbearing, ridiculous, threatening…no need to continue this. Just keep your goals to yourself!

     Your business goal of increasing sales can become a source of mockery to someone who feels threatened and that will roadblock your progress just because it will divert your energy. Your personal goal to improve family relations by learning stress management can have the same kind of distancing effect on the very people you’re hoping to get closer to.

     Don’t waste time and energy and defeat by testing this. I can give you 150 gazillion examples anytime you want. Call or email me. Keep your goals to yourself if you really want them to work! 

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  1. Penny Sueon 26 Apr 2009 at 8:32 am

    Setting goals can be a challenge. Achieving goals takes commitment and staying focused to complete goals successfully. This blog provides excellent input and opportunity direction for promoting the successful pursuit of life and business goals. Thanks – Penny Sue

    Thank YOU, Penny Sue. I appreciate your comments and your visit. Please return anytime. halalpiar

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