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The following is an old statement that has NOW meaning and NOW applications . . . meaning and applications that rise from the simmering political pot of socialistic “share the wealth” thinking that the White House has been manipulating into a front and center position on the world  stage. What’s your business opinion? . . . 


“You cannot legislate the poor


into freedom by legislating


the wealthy out of freedom.


What one person receives


without working for,


another person must work for


without receiving.


The government cannot give


to anybody anything that


the government does not first


take from somebody else.


When half of the people


get the idea that they


do not have to work


because the other half is


going to take care of them,


and when the other half


gets the idea that it does


no good to work because


somebody else is going


to get what they work for,


that my dear friend,


is about the end of any nation.”



A pretty heady (and eerily timely) statement we should all be tuned into as we watch and listen to the daily ticking of America’s economic destruction countdown clock.

I am really interested in your thoughts about this quote. Please leave me a comment or call or email me.    


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  1. Bonnie A.on 26 Mar 2009 at 1:22 pm

    I couldn’t have said it better myself…the pastor is right on! It’s hard to believe that half the country doesn’t get it…doesn’t see the danger in the direction this country is being lead. I shall pass this quote on, Hal. Thanks for posting it.

    I appreciate your comment, Bonnie. Thank you! Hal

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